Mobile lava fishing (hard to sum up)

anyone else experiencing this weirdness

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Skeletron Prime
I'm just going to paste what I already posted when asking where to post it

This is just weird I finally got a hotline fishing hook so I immediately went to catch flarefin koi and obsidifish so I could make inferno potions but all I can catch in lava is whatever fish I caught last elsewhere (even quest fish) it's not the hook because it works fine in water any suggestions on how to get the fish I want

More info
1. Item does not have to be caught just hooked
2.resets to not hooking anything after relog or catching a few fish
3. If you put the line in water (not tested with honey) then dive into lava when it starts bobbing you can set your last hooked fish to something cought in lava (workaround to bug, likely due to the fact that catches are based on player biome)
4. It's technically be duplication glitch(you can fish for something valuable then go find some lava and get more of it)
5. Makes some items significantly harder to obtain
6. Best guess the fishing que doesn't update when the bobber is in lava (and is reset to zero after some amount of time or some trigger (possibly opening inventory)

Now which section of the bug forums do I copy paste this into

Dark Wiz

I never really tried fishing as I learned how to get by without potions, and just sitting there in the Corruption waiting for that ONE quest fish for the little kid, while Corruptors are trying to spit on you.
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