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Hello Everyone

Not long ago I've uploded idea for Terraria set on LEGO Ideas site. It's inspired by forest, that apear in Terraria world. If you want to support I'm sending here link to help making this set real. Other way to support is telling friends to support or even puting it on social media (but say that it is created by me). Here are photos and gif of this set.
Terraria Starting Forest.png
I'll try to read comments, that say what could be better and maybe these things will happen, because I'm going to make some updates to this set.

100 supporters update - Prints and Votes

Because set got 100 supportes, I've decided to create first update. Biggest thing in this update are prints for minifigures and mushrooms.

Other thing is voting site, so you can choose, what will be in next update :)

Thank you for reading (and supporting) and have a nice day
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