OOC Lethal Skies - Info, Lore, Applications, OOC chat, Rules, and yelling at Orifan1 thread

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    the year is 2020. the war in Afghanistan still rages on. but, for the most part, it seems like the brave pilots of the world have done their part in the war, and can basically sit back and eat steak dinners every night in their comfy carpeted barraks.
    ...or so everyone thinks. theres been a rise in suspicious events happening around the globe. some report unmarked fighters doing what looks like an unscheduled training flight. other reports mention seeing a "giant, flying fortress"

    whatever is going on, one thing is for certian: classes from Top gun, and whatever the Air force and Marines equivilant of that school is, are going to start being worth more than "ok cool you can strafe a target in a more complicated way than us, gg."

    1. standard TCF rules apply. this is a given
    2. human characters only. im salty about this, too. after having to deal with another person being too strict about their rp rules, ive decided to retire this rule. furries, rejoice!
    3. dont godmode. it'll be pretty hard to do that in an RP about planes but i guarantee one of you will find a way to godmode.
    4. dont metagame or bunny, either.
    5. every PC in this rp is going to be a pilot for person in SOME branch of the military. doesnt have to be the US military, either. hell, you can be a part of a PMC if you want. yea, warcrimes n :red:!
    6. if you opt to join a squadron, ping the flight lead of that squadron when you post your application so they can also read it and decide if you can be in their squadron. your application will still have to be accepted by a GM, but this is so that people who intended to have their squadron fit an "atmosphere" or something dont have their fun ruined.
    7. if you're a flight lead and you're unsure about someone's application that involves your squadron, you can opt for the person to start off not in a squadron, and then recommend them for transfer into your squadron if you've deemed them fit based on their flight style.
    9. another thing, use <<this for radio messages>>, not "this." otherwise, nobody can hear you.
    none rn lol

    Affiliated Military organization:
    Squadron(also optional):
    Flight lead: [use this space to ping the flight lead]
    Starting Aircraft: [Leave blank if joining a squadron marked with a "[UNIFORM]" tag next to them in the list]
    Aircraft Livery: [Leave blank if joining a squadron]
    Name of the squadron:
    Flight lead:
    Aircraft of choice: [leave blank if allowing players joining your squadron to choose their own]
    Other info(optional):

    Currently available starting aircraft:
    F-4e "Phantom II" (starting SP weapon is napalm bombs)
    Mig-21-93 "Fishbed" (starting SP weapon is Semi-Active Air to Air Missiles)
    F-5 "tiger II" (starting SP weapon is Unguided Bombs)
    (note that all aircraft have access to missiles and guns as well as their SP weapons)

    Currently available aircraft for squadrons:
    if the flight lead owns one, its available for all

    IC thread will be added once ive actually got players for this thing.

    watch all of these. these are your homework. these will make you learn what took me 2-4 (i cant renember when i started playing AC) years in about... 4-6 hours
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    as an example, ill make an application for the AWACS that the "main group" uses.
    ofc, this example should only be followed loosely. the E-727 is not available for players to fly
    Name: Dan James
    Personality: casual. despite being an AWACS radio operator.
    Age: 40
    Appearance: Caucasian, light tan, short black hair, brown eyes, and cleanly shaven face
    Affiliated Military organization: NATO air force
    Backstory: Dan James grew up in texas. in his early life, he wanted to fly a plane. when he was fresh out of high school, he enlisted into the USAF, and eventually reached the rank of major. after reaching major, he requested a transfer from USAF to NATO to become a mission commander. his request was approved. his actual military record is above average on levels of impressiveness
    Callsign: Sky Eye
    Squadron(also optional):
    Flight lead: [use this space to ping the flight lead]
    Starting Aircraft: E-727
    Aircraft Livery: [Leave blank if joining a squadron]
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    so do we put our application in here?
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    *Funny scream directed towards orifan1*
  5. Foraging Slime

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    this doesn't answere question. XD . im so confused....
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    yes, applications go here. and so does OOC chat regarding lethal skies, and any complaints towards how i handle things
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    Name: Sean Lexington

    Personality: A bit of an idiot but when needed _ can be serous. also friendly to those that ar not complete ***holes


    Appearance:a bit pale, short, brown hair with green edges, teal eyes.

    Affiliated Military organization: United States Air Force

    Backstory: His father was a pilot, his fathers father was a pilot, and so on. whe in his youth he originally wanted to be a naval officer but then he found out about some of the newer planes. he never like the planes in operation in his youth, but he droles over the newer models. his dream is to be one of the best fighter pilots in US history.

    Callsign(optional): P.A.N.C.A.K.E.

    Squadron(also optional):

    Flight lead: [use this space to ping the flight lead]

    Starting Aircraft: F-4E Phantom II

    Aircraft Livery: Flying Jäger

    Race: Human
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    accepted. ill start the IC when i get more people
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    I feel as though i´m like... your only player right now...
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    you are. not that many aircraft fans on TCF. which is weird.
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    Oh. Well just let me know when it starts.
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    dont worry, everyone participating will be pinged when i open the IC thread
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  14. DoctorMcDerp

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    *Realizes we can use F5 Freedom Fighter
    *Excited screeching noises
    And yes, I'd rather have that over an aircraft designed as an interceptor, not an air superiority fighter, or and aircraft that literally wasn't designed with guns, because even if guns kinda aren't worth much in modern day air combat, and revolver cannons have a habit of spewing out all their ammo in under 3 seconds, the F5 is just kinda a meme plane with its size and maneuverability.
    It's probably going to have fun trying to kill gen 5 supermanuverable aircraft that can knock it out of the sky from beyond the horizon, but hey, its stupidly cheap for a jet aircraft, it outspeeds the Mig21 by a pretty good margin, I'm pretty sure it out turns the F-4, and I can still go into battle with two 20 mm cannons and four sidewinders, which are kinda broken with the later variants, or AIM-120 to throw beyond visual range missiles back at those pesky gen 5's.
    Yeah, I may give this a try once I can make up a good character.
    (edit, oof mixed up 21 and 19, yeah I may be able to out turn but I'm not outrunning)
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  15. Yello_X

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    Alright. I know how to play this but I have no idea about aircrafts but I'm interested.

    So, @Orifan1, as I helped you make this RP (Maybe), can you teach me about this stuff?
  16. Orifan1

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    actually, Lethal Skies is different from Ghoul Labyrinths. you helped out with Ghoul Labyrinths. Lethal Skies was kind of my own thing i made.
    nevertheless, i will educate you on this stuff! as soon as ive assesed how much you already know about aircraft.
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    Name: Sixed
    Personality: i never do these, that alright?
    Age: 30
    Affiliated Military organization: whatever popstar's is IS
    Backstory: He was fighting agienst Dark Matter with Kirby, Meta Knight, and King De De De. Dark matter summoned a portal, transporting them onto earth. King De De De went to Japan, Meta Knight decided to take Fencing classes in the UK, Kirby decided to relax in the US. Bandana Dee had to come up with a name for himself, so he decided to name himself "Sixed" A few years pass and Sixed saw aircrafts bomb his home, so he ran, and decided to go in the army.
    Callsign(optional): the frik is this
    Squadron(also optional): notta
    Flight lead: [use this space to ping the flight lead] @ Flight Lead
    Starting Aircraft: F-5 "tiger II"
    Aircraft Livery: [Leave blank if joining a squadron] explain pls
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    The callsign is what your allies call you in battle. Like a nickname.
    Aircraft livery is your aircraft paint job.
    Also, what’s “IS”? Where is sixed?
  19. Sockmonkey367

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    1: Alright, callsign is Mr. Dee
    2: Blue in the front, with eyes on the side. The rest is the color of my arms with a star on the side. Basicly, representing me.
    3: Whoops! Meant US
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    Ok. Just one more issue: which branch of the US military? Air Force? Navy? Marines? There’s multiple branches of the US military that have fighter pilots