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  1. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    Terraria Leveled Mod for tModLoader
    Be sure to use Unleveled with this mod too! It brings Leveled to it's full UI glory!
    Current version:
    Downloadable from the Mod Browser now!

    I highly suggest joining the discord if you have any questions or suggestions, I rarely come to the forums anymore.


    So, what is Leveled?
    The Leveled mod is a leveling mod to add, well, leveling to Terraria while keeping balance. Nothing like classes, quests, races, etc... Just Leveling.
    [Original Thread]

    What are some notable additions this mod offers?
    • Leveling/EXP
    • Enemy levels that also have scaled stats
    • Potion and Heart recovery rate increased with max HP by leveling.
    • Customizable stats that grant passive abilities and bonus basic stats.
    • Passive abilities that you can enable or disable, at the cost of AP(Ability Points).
    • A new damage formula.
    • A new stat "Armor" is essentially your total defense from equipment. Defense is your defensive power after the increase from your vitality and level.
    • Max Breath increases as you level up
    Is there support for other mods?
    Yes, to an extent. But if there are mods that have custom damage types, those won't be supported unless I can add support for them.
    Enemies from mods will have their levels set to what biome you're in. If the biome is custom, it'll be set to what it would normally be in vanilla. For example, if you're using Crystillium and you enter a crystal biome in the caverns, their level will be set to cavern level.(~Lv.13)

    Note about mod support:
    I need support from the developers of the specified mod to support it, as it's down to a source level, and I will not use someone else's code without permission.
    If any devs want to help give leveled support for your mod, join the discord and let me know who you are, and what your mod is. We will discuss it more in pm, or the modding section of the discord.

    Supported Mods:
    • Thorium(Partial) | Symphonic(INT+DEX) and Radiant(INT+SPR) damage scaling | Boss levels
    • Sacred Tools(Partial) | Developer support
    • Dragon Ball Terraria | Ki Damage (Spirit/Enhancement)
    • I would check the Discord for more updated information.
    Unsupported Mods, that have some known issues:
    • None reported at the moment.
    Mods that are not compatible:
    • None reported at the moment.

    The Stat Flower
    The Stat Flower is where you customize your character's stats when leveling up.
    You use SP(Status Points) to increase your stats in the flower, to raise your base stats, and gain new abilities or bonus stats.

    Resets are offered through an item sold by the Dryad. Be sure you read the description of the item though!

    I tried to make a picture explaining what everything is in the stat flower, I hope it's helpful.

    What are the currently known bugs and missing features?
    • Enemy projectiles don't scale in damage, but I implemented a workaround. This is something I don't think I'll EVER be able to fix, because tMod doesn't let me know which NPC launched a projectile.
    • An EXP HuD to show your gained EXP and how much you need to level.
    Here are some quick screenshots I made.

    These links go to a releases page on GitHub.
    Make sure you download the "Leveled.tmod".

    >Download Here to support the mod< (Github)(
    >Download ad-free<

    A huge thanks to Jopojelly for helping out with various coding issues.
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  2. Incinerate

    Incinerate Official Terrarian

    ...And when this gets done, Thorium support and the possibility of going OVER LEVEL 100!

    (And then we'll make a new, separate mod and call it Terraria OVERLeveled XDDDDDD)
  3. Caseratis

    Caseratis Skeletron

    Is there a thread for the standalone version with more info so I can get a better idea of what this will be like?
  4. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    Oh, yes, sorry. I should have included that.
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  5. Umbra

    Umbra Skeletron Prime

    So that's what you got going on right now, neat! Sometimes in Unleveled tMod, I get the rare "HP is 0 from dying" or frozen health stat (Not 100% as you think, as it's not godmode) once in a while in multiplayer but has been playing nice.

    In total, that's two bugs I know of so far in there regards to that (Second and unmentioned was in the other thread itself, and was about shooting/mining stops when moused over character or enemy window).
  6. TrolllCZ

    TrolllCZ Steampunker

    FINALLY after yearzzzz of waitin :O All luck with you gotest !
    I mean literally years :DDDDD
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  7. Ramesha

    Ramesha Steampunker

    If this mod updated, will the character reset or we can continue playing like in the standalone mod?
  8. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    I'm not too sure yet. I may be able to allow people to move their characters over to tMod. Depending on if I can read the player data from the standalone.
    Though, I can't say the same for moving from tmod, to the standalone. Because tMod saves in a different way.
  9. TrolllCZ

    TrolllCZ Steampunker

    Its all about VARs manipulation isnt it ? The template is the same right ? (like you didnt remove EXP or something like that :D ) If yea then just port the VARs over and you should be good to go.
  10. TrolllCZ

    TrolllCZ Steampunker

    Also , another my idea, what about making NPC who fire proj. have a temp variable holding damage modifier and something to identify his projectiles like his id or whatever u know what i mean right? Cuz i dont know a THING about tmodloader coding but it has to have global VARs right ? Tryin to help as i can :)
  11. Umbra

    Umbra Skeletron Prime

    Nah, he'll have to find the hooks that lets him do what he needs. Can't really use that kind of stuff out on a limb, as tModLoader is more limited compared to the Standalone version.

    It's just going to be a varied percentage of learning and applying the code/hooks where it counts.
  12. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    Just updated to version 0.1.
    The mod is now downloadable from the Mod Browser.
  13. Sapharan

    Sapharan Plantera

    I'm definitely looking forward to this. It's awesome that you decided to port it to tModLoader.
    Are you going to include eventual API so other modders can give support to your mod?
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  14. xose12

    xose12 Terrarian

    i think i found a bug,i cant speak to ANY NPC,not even the guide
  15. killerjerick

    killerjerick Terrarian

    While loading a server, it seems to auto disabled leveled every time due to an incorrect font.
  16. Milus

    Milus Terrarian

    I'm having the same problem as Xose12, i cant speak to ANY NPC,not even the guide.
  17. Syus Onix

    Syus Onix Terrarian

    I like it and it has potential but I like to play summon end everytime a summon kills a mop I don't get any XP.
    Also i would be nice if you change the way XP are generated (for exaple HP+Armor+Damage/10/level) so you can play it with other mods which add other mops.
    But still nice idear kep it up ^^
  18. matthew cook

    matthew cook Terrarian

    yay to seeing this get tmoded!
  19. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    Wow, I am so sorry guys. That's one thing I didn't bother to even TRY to see if works, since I've never had that problem before.

    I attempted to fix it and it appears to be working, as I can talk to the Guide now. I updated the mod on here and the browser.
    Summoners should be able to gain at least 10% EXP from those kills. If you hit the enemy at least once, like with a gun or melee weapon, you'll get full EXP.
    And I already have a plan to get the EXP and Level situation worked out. Just not the top priority right now, since I need to get the main features of the mod in first.
    Leveled on tMod doesn't currently support Multiplayer, but should be able to load.
    I'll look in to this.
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  20. gotest

    gotest Terrarian

    Alright everyone, I just updated to 0.2.
    Adds partial multiplayer support, and fixes server loading.
    Also gives partial support to mod NPCs. (They'll have a level higher than 1 now.)
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