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Terraria Leveled Mod for tModLoader

Be sure to use Unleveled with this mod too! It brings Leveled to it's full UI glory!

Brand new features out (such as an API to make addons for Leveled), check out the changelog (at the bottom) for more information!

Current version: 1.0.1
Downloadable from the Mod Browser now!
Made by: Myself (original idea and code) and Webmilio (API designer, code rework)

I highly suggest joining the discord if you have any questions or suggestions, I rarely come to the forums anymore.

You can check out the wiki for more detailed information. It is not up-to-date with the new Leveled 1.0 release but should be updated soon!


The new version of Leveled comes with a developer API for people who want to add compatibility to their mods! Its still a work in progress, but you can come to the Discord for any information that might be lacking!

Developer Wiki

So, what is Leveled?
The Leveled mod is a leveling mod to add, well, leveling to Terraria while keeping balance. Nothing like classes, quests, races, etc... Just Leveling.
[Original Thread]

What are some notable additions this mod offers?
  • Leveling/EXP
  • Code remodeled around modulability so you can make your own addons for it. (WIP)
  • HP and MP increases as you level. Depends on heart and star count.
  • Enemy levels that also have scaled stats
  • Potion and Heart recovery rate increased with max HP by leveling.
  • Customizable stats that grant passive abilities and bonus basic stats.
  • Passive abilities that you can enable or disable, at the cost of AP(Ability Points).
  • A new damage formula.
  • A new stat "Armor" is essentially your total defense from equipment. Defense is your defensive power after the increase from your vitality and level.
  • Max Breath increases as you level up
Is there support for other mods?

Are you a mod author? Do you want to add support for Leveled? Do you want to add an ENTIRE NEW ATTRIBUTE to the Power Flower? Or maybe just add damage calculation? Extract the mod's DLL from the version you've obtained in the Mod Browser and reference it in your project using either a weak or strong reference to have access to all the brand new shiny classes and methods that'll help you do just that!

Yes, to an extent. But if...

Note about mod support:
We're no longer responsible for mod support, although we have plans of making addons that will kickstart support.

I need support from the developers...

Supported Mods:
  • Thorium(Partial) | Symphonic(INT+DEX) and Radiant(INT+SPR) damage scaling | Boss levels
    [*]Sacred Tools(Partial) | Developer support
    [*]Dragon Ball Terraria | Ki Damage (Spirit/Enhancement)
  • I would check the Discord for more updated information.
Unsupported Mods, that have some known issues:
  • None reported at the moment.
Mods that are not compatible:
  • None reported at the moment.

The Stat Flower
The Stat Flower is where you customize your character's stats when leveling up.
You use SP(Status Points) to increase your stats in the flower, to raise your base stats, and gain new abilities or bonus stats.

Resets are offered through an item sold by the Dryad. Be sure you read the description of the item though!

I tried to make a picture explaining what everything is in the stat flower, I hope it's helpful. These pictures are out of date!

What are the currently known bugs and missing features ?
  • Uncapping Level through config file, while allowing server to set their own restrictions on who can join.
  • More API functionalities.
  • Abilities rework.
  • We can't think of anything else, but if you have a suggestion, either come to the discord or to the GitHub Issue Tracker and make an issue! Don't forget to mark it as a suggestion!
Here are some quick screenshots I made.



These links go to a releases page on GitHub.
Make sure you download the "Leveled.tmod".

>Download Here to support the mod< (Github)(
>Download ad-free<
---Change Log---
*Massive reconstruction of the code of the mod to clean it up and make it easier to use.
*New API created to allow mod devs to give their mod support for Leveled.
*!!Native support for other mods has been removed and left to be done through the API.!!
*Made Ore EXP flags about 30% more efficient in RAM and in save data.
*The value that shows EXP to next level now says "MAX" when at level 100.
*New texture for the power flower.
*Weapons that use mana have had their mana costs altered according to the item's base rarity to be better fit with MP scaling. 40% to 170% respectively.
*Experience curve altered.
*Power Flower SP curve altered.
*Altered base stats from 3 to 2.
*Altered Damage/Defense/HP multipliers to be more consistent.
*Base Stamina altered from 47 to 62.
*Fixed a minor issue with the health and mana interfaces where hearts/stars would sometimes be missing.
*Removed the first character/world load interface in favor of a main menu creation menu.
*Gave the Traveling Merchant a change to have EXP potions after certain progress is met. Skeletron, Plantera, Moon Lord.
*Holding right-click while over [Increase Stat by X Points] or [Decrease Stat by X Points] now puts points in as long as you hold right-click.


*A few EXP values for NPCs have been nerfed. Mostly just boss minions.
*Added support for the Dragon Ball Terraria mod Ki weapon damage.
---Thorium compatibility---
*Enemy Globee level changed from 255 > 30.

*Update to TMod
*Changed the name of Vitality to Resistance.

*Minor hotfix.

*Rebalanced the stat multipliers.
*Fixed an issue where the EXP counter would flip out in multiplayer.
*Players can now see their damage/defense multipliers by mousing over their character's attributes.

*Added Russian translation. Only text that use a font are translated. Ability names/descriptions, tooltips, etc, are translated.
*New interface sounds for the Power Flower.
*New sound effect for the Medallion of Balance.
*Added 3 tier EXP boosting potions. Only one can be active at once.
*Fixed the blue archer cultists from being pissed off as soon as they spawn. Should also fix some other issues within the Fighter AI.
*Fixed some issues with the damage formula.
*Fixed frost damage resistance.
*Fixed damage reduction from banners.
*Fixed an issue with some projectiles doing extremely high damage. Were using an old damage multiplier.
*Added a ton of missing vanilla damage modifiers to player projectiles.
*Drastically lowered the HP, Defense, and Damage multipliers. Fixes some Multiplayer issues.
*HP per Heart converted to Stamina.
*Life regeneration can now use decimals. This allows HP to regen at a constant pace rather than a fixed 1, 2, 3, etc. Ex: tick: 1HP, tick: 1HP, tick:2HP, tick:1HP, tick:1HP, tick:2HP, etc.
*Fixed Critical Boost. Was increasing damage by 33% for projectiles rather than 15%.
*Fixed an issue with healing items from mods, such as potions, to scale properly.
*Added a percentage of health recovery to the tooltip of healing items.
*Fixed an issue where Prime Cannon would OHKO the player with bombs.
*Hard Mode Crunch initiated: Skeletron Prime/Twins/Destroyer Lv.65 > 55, Mimic Lv.55 > 50, Giant Fungi Bulb Lv.55 > 49, Plantera Lv.75 > 62, Golem Lv.80 > 68, Angry Nimbus Lv.50 > 47, Fungo Fish Lv.53 > 48, Cultists Lv.84 > 71, Lunatic Cultist Lv.85 > 72, Duke Fishron Lv.83 > 67, Pillars Lv.88 > 74, Goblin Summoner Lv.60 > 55, Super Mimics Lv.65 > 59, Eyezor Lv.78 > 55, Solar Eclipse Lv.60-74 > 53-64, Queen Bee Lv.32 > 29, Rune Wizard Lv.65 > 60, Crimson/Corruption HM Lv.~55 > ~50, HM Jungle Lv.~68 > ~60, Pirates Lv.~62 > ~56, Lunar Event Lv.~85 > ~73, Moon Lord Lv.90 > 77, Red Devil Lv.73 > 60, Snow Flinx Lv.17 > 13, Creeper Lv.18 > 25, Dungeon Guardian Lv.100 > 200 (Guarantee 1 damage taken and OHKO).
*Thorium Boss Levels changed: Borean Strider, Lv.54 > 48, Coznix Lv.58 > 53, Lich Lv.66 > 59, Abyssion Lv.75 > 65, Ragnar�k Lv.95 > 83.

*Added a new Call function for mod devs.
*Slight changes to enemy stats to give a better balance
*Added 6 new abilities for Thorium's Bard class. Unlocked through leveling up both Attunement and Aptitude.
*Enemy Level changes:
Vulture Lv.9 > Lv.8, Antlion Lv.11 > Lv.9, Antlion Charger Lv.13 > Lv.10, Antlion Swarmer Lv.14 > Lv.11, Harpy Lv.20 > Lv.17
*Thorium NPC support additions: This should cover Pre-HardMode.
Strange Bulb Lv.28, Corpse Bloom Lv.38, Bloom Stalker Lv.38, Granite Eradicator Lv.37, Granite-Fused Slime Lv.35, Granite Surger Lv.36, Hag(s) Lv.40, Wind Elemental Lv.28, Hatchling Lv.25, Festering Walker Lv.23, Snow Ball Lv.5, Biter Lv.5, Baby Spider Lv.10, Hopping Spider Lv.12, Ancient Archer Lv.35, Ancient Charger Lv.36, Ancient Phalanx Lv.37, Space Slime Lv.24, Shambler Lv.35, Darksteel Knight Lv.38, Raging Minotaur Lv.39, Big Bone Lv.37, Blister Lv.53, Crimipede Lv.55, Coldling Lv.54, Living Hemorage Lv.25, Epidermon Lv.58, The Innocent Lv.23

*Changed the way defense reduces damage. No longer goes (damage - defense / 2). Defense will reduce damage by up to 50% in a linear way, but then starts having diminishing returns. Ex: If defense = damage, damage is reduced by 50%. If defense is about double that of damage, damage is reduced by about ~77%. Player defense is still 50% more effective in Expert mode.
*Stats redone. Experimental. Stats can go as high as 300 now, and Level doesn't affect the damage multpliers anymore, only stats.
*Fortitude now increases Strength.
*Colored up the Level UP interface. Now shows how much a base stat increases by.
*Symphonic and Radiant damage changes from Thorium should now appear on the Power Flower menu.
*Fixed an issue where town NPCs have level 90 max health values at all times. And ALL Town NPCs, including modded ones, should have correct levels and HP as well.
*Fixed Alien Larva and later stages not fully healing when growing.
*Fixed Melee Speed boosing abilities to actually increase speed rather than decrease it.

*Fix an error when too many damage numbers exist and you gain EXP.
*Fixed a crash/freeze in multiplayer when there are a lot of enemies.

*Updated to tMod
*Fixed HP regen for NPCs. Should no longer rapidly increase or go over the max.
*Changed the way the ability Mana Shield works. Aborbs damage up to 2x max mana, instead of converting damage to mana drain. Recharges in 30 seconds.
*Reduced the base multiplier for all damage and defense stats for npcs and players from 0.65x to 0.5x. Should provide a smoother start to the game.

*Optimized ore EXP save code. Worlds save and load a bit faster, and file size is down by roughly 80%. (Thank you Jopojelly!)
*Fixed a bug where you can't die from drowning.
*Attempt to fix worm type enemies.
*Changed the default HP/MP regen to enabled.

*Fixed an error spam if you don't have Unleveled.

*Maximum Mana now increases in a less rounded state. Doesn't round to the nearest Max Star Count anymore.

*Fixed breath meter.

*Fixed an issue where you won't gain EXP if you reduce your EXP rate by 99% or lower. Minimum is now 1 EXP.

*Fixed an issue where players would be frozen on a new world in multiplayer, even after clicking done in the First World menu.
*Added a notification to players that enter that the world is in Critical Mode.

*Attepmt to repair the new projectile damage in multiplayer.
*Several more Vanilla AI have been configured for proper projectile damage. Close to being done.
*Fixed town NPC contact damage.
*Fixed a few boss minions that were level scaling in expert mode. (Spiked Slime for example)
*Fixed incorrect damage dealt by other players.
*Implemented some support Dan Yami has supplied for some of Sacred Tools' enemies.
*Fixed an issue where Worm type enemies were not spawinging with body parts, only a head.
*Enemy Level Changes: Super Mimics Lv.75 > Lv.65
*Fixed the rate of HP loss when drowning.
*Added an Armor stat display.
*Implemented Critical Mode. Can only be enabled in Expert Mode.
*Implemented First start character menu to modify various starting stats when entering world.
*Post Moon Lord Expert level scaling changed from Lv.95 to Lv.80. Critical Mode is Lv.90.
*Removed the possibility of being oneshot by projectiles. This will remove partial universal mod support.


*??? Attempt to fix some projectile nonsense in multiplayer?

*Several Vanilla AIs have been configured to give proper projectile damage.
*Damage cap raised to 999999 due to damage buff.
*Level changes: Purple Slime Lv.5 > Lv.4, Yellow Slime Lv.6 > Lv.5, Pinky Lv.30 > Lv.15.

*Fixed an issue with extremely high damage recieved from projectiles in multiplayer.

*Fixed abnormal Thorns damage.
*Returned some bard weapon damage back to normal as it has been fixed in the latest Thorium version.
*Adjusted Damage/Defense scaling for players and NPCs. Damage shouldn't be so high in the beginning anymore. Damage and Defense scale higher at higher levels now. HP:Damage/Defense Ratio was way off. (Lv.100, HP 1450%, Damage/Defense 830%)
*Testing out some Projectile damage changes. Rune Wizard and Gastropod have correctly scaled projectile damage and some others as well, and defense will reduce damage from these projectiles.

*Added some color coding to the tooltips for damage, crit rate, and armor.
*Fixed an issue where damage wouldn't scale when hanging from a grapple hook.
*Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where other players appear to take massive damage later in the game.
*Added a new variable hook. (Devs only, used for Unleveled update)

*Fixed an issue with defense not being cut by Broken Armor.
*Fixed stat flower tab not bouncing when you have stat points to spend.
*Stat Flower now blooms the more stats are invested.
*Added an EXP pop up in the lower left corner of the screen when gaining EXP.
*Attempt to fix PvP/Reflected projectile damage. Often OHKO.
*Mimic Lv.65 > Lv.55, Wyvern Tail Lv.70 > Lv.65
*Thorium support additions:
*Blister Pod Lv.54, Hornet Lv.27, Mahogany Ent Lv.29, Blue Hag Lv.30, Red Hag Lv.40, Bone Flayer Lv.43, Brown Recluse Lv.51, Brown Recluse Baby Lv.49, Army Ant Lv.26, U.F.O. Lv.26, Gilded Bat Lv.17, Gilded Slime Lv.17, Gilded Worg Lv.18, Gelatinous Cube Lv.36, Frozen Gross Lv.55, Frozen Face Lv.25, Chilling Wisp Lv.53, Frost Wurm Lv.25, Frost Fang Lv.56, Freezer Lv.54, Flying Bio-Mass Lv.27, Fleshy Hornet Lv.67, Coolmera Lv.24, Dissonance Seer Lv.54, Copper Coin Bag Lv.15, Silver Coin Bag Lv.20, Gold Coin Bag Lv.50, Infernal Hound Lv.57, Mud Man Lv.28

*Fixed an issue in multiplayer where enemies were either spawning with little to no HP, or taking excess amounts of damage.
*Fixed bosses not taking correct damage when defeated in multiplayer.

*Added some more support for Thorium by adding levels for some more mobs, and not just bosses. More info below.
*Fixed enemies restoring full health when they change forms.
*Events that rely on defense should no longer be affected by increased defense from leveling up. (Eg. Invasions, Boss appearences) This should also prevent checks for high defense values.
*Wall of Flesh Lv.50 > Lv.45, Skeletron Lv.36 > Lv.35, Clinger Lv.61 > Lv.54

*Pre-Hardmode Depths enemies from Thorium now have set levels and EXP rate:
*Barracuda Lv.24, Giga Clam Lv.26, Hammerhead Lv.25, Man O' War Lv.24, Octopus Lv.25, Morray Lv.25, Sharp Tooth Lv.26
*Various other Pre-Hardmode Thorium enemies:
*Earthen Bat Lv.15, Earthen Golem, Lv.17, Abomination Lv.11, Patchwerk Lv.12, Maggot Lv.9, Impaled Zombie Lv.10, Queen Jellyfish minions Lv.27
*I'm slowly getting this done as I play through Thorium.

*Level doesn't effect damage and defense growth as much (25% less) for both player and NPC.
*Level and stat difference damage multiplier is much less effective for lower level targets.
*Fixed an issue with game scaling where Scan doesnt target the same area as the mouse.

*Fixed NPCs not taking damage from traps.

*Implemented mining EXP for new worlds created in this version, or higher.
*Implemented fishing EXP.
*Implemented fishing quest EXP.
*Fixed an issue with enemy projectile damage being cut in half, or doing an insane amount of damage. (Ex. The Abomination in Elemental Unleash)
*Melee damage is less variable.

*Working on the rebalance that I had planned for when I switched to tMod.
*Base stats increase faster as you level, but don't increase as fast when using stat points.
*Made the Target Dummy change their level to the one that is attacking it.
*Enemy base stats increased.
*Fixed the damage on several Bard weapons. (Only when selected)
*Fixed the scroll buttons on the ability window.
*Fixed Damage over Time effects on NPCs.
*Fixed Town NPC recovery rate.
*Fixed projectiles by Expert EoW being too high of a level Pre-HardMode.
*Fixed Lunatic Cultist defense.
*Fixed the Medallion of Balance to use and show the correct offering price.
*Crunched level 81+ enemies levels:
*Moon Lord Lv.100 > Lv.90
*Lunatic Cultist Lv.90 > Lv.85
*Martians Lv.84-88 Lv.80-84
*Lunar Event Lv.90-99 > Lv.83-88
*Duke Fishron Lv.85 > Lv.83
*Post Moonlord Expert Lv.100 > Lv.95

*Fixed an issue in multiplayer where certain projectiles untap an enemy, resulting in 10% EXP.
*Attempt to fix the Ragnarok boss from Thorium.
*Doubled the maximum EXP multiplier for higher level enemies. Went from 75% to 150%.
*Level difference EXP multiplier was changed to increase/decrease faster.
*Adjusted NPC regen/drain. Such as On Fire! debuff, or natural regen.
*Adjusted damage NPCs take from non-player sources. (Ex: Lava, traps, ect.)
*Fixed extremely variable damage taken by projectiles.
*Added a settings file to allow you to change the position of the tabs at the bottom of the screen. It's initially set to 50, for 50% screen width.

*Added a stat flower reset item that is sold by the Dryad

*Added support for Thorium classes. Radiant damage is increased by INT + SPR, and Symphonic damage is increased by INT + DEX. Healers may be imbalanced due to Thorium using linear heal boosts and not a percentage.
*Added base damage to the tooltip for weapons. This is the base damage of the weapon before ANY modifications. This is to help you see if something is actually stronger than what you have.
*Required EXP to level was significantly reduced. (Total for Lv. 100 reduced from 6440000 to 4800000)
*All AP bonuses have been replaced with something else.
*Finesse Mastery increases thrown crit by 10% now.
*Aptitude Mastery increases ranged crit by 10% now.

Give abilitiy support to Bard and Healer classes.

*Changed the way Barrier/Mana Shield is rendered. It no longer overlaps the interface, and scales with Zoom now.
*Modified when NPC stats are
d. It should now work for entities that had life regen disabled. (Plantera's Hook for example, did nothing)
*Modified the script for showing NPC stats on mouseover.
*The Leeching Strike ability should be working now
*The Barrier ability should be working now
*The Crisis Half ability should be working now
*The Treasure Magnet ability should be working now
*Fixed the Vanilla Mana UI
*Reduced NPC STR and VIT by about 15%
*Increased NPC HP by about 5-6%
*Fixed Giant Shelly/Turtle damage when attacking
*Fixed Skeletron Head damage
*NPC stats are now synced with the server in multiplayer
*Added workaround for high damage from Vile Spit from Eater of Worlds expert
*Fixed an issue where DOTs won't kill you (Fire, Poison, ect)
*Fixed low HP abilities not triggering

*Critical Boost ability is now working
*Ichor should now work in the new damage formula
*Iron Body ability is working
*Adjusted MP regen to be vanilla rate
*You should be able to maintain 1 HP through DOTs after enduring a hit for about 3 seconds
*Adjusted NPC Regen script to heal/damage accordingly
*Adjusted Nurse healing to NPCs
*Buffed Hasty Swing from 2%/2%/2%/4% to 3%/3%/3%/6%
*Buffed Knockback Resist from 6%/6%/6% to 12%/12%/20%
*Speed/Knockback/Velocity/Knockback Resist abilities are now working. This should get just about every ability working now.
*Changed AP+4 hidden ability to HP+2

*The Endure and Once More abilities work now
*Mana Shield is partly working. Doesn't reduce any damage if damage taken is equal or greater than your current life.
*Fixed dynamic stat changes for enemies. Ex: Skeletron and Duke Fishron.

*Even FURTHER attempts to fix multiplayer EXP
*Fixed EXP formula for enemies
*Synced abilities activated with the server

*Further attempts to fix multiplayer EXP
*EXP other players gained shows as a faded EXP number now.
*Syncing of player EXP in multiplayer.
*Can now see when another player levels up
*Fixed incorrect sync of player stats that was essentially rolling back your stats to a few moments ago.

*Fixed multiplayer EXP (Silly me...)

*Added support for Unleveled
*Various fixes to multiplayer
*Various rebalances in stats
*Added a workaround for enemy projectile damage.
*Fixed Town NPC projectiles
*Adjusted projectiles by the player to use the proper stat (DEX/AGI/INT/SPR)
*Fixed a few abilities

*Implemented Town NPC level scaling.
*Fixed Scan ability.

*Fixed loading in server mode.
*Partly added multiplayer support. You can gain EXP, and the EXP Share abilities should work as well. Player stats should be shared among other players as well.
*Fixed an issue where minions don't award any EXP when they kill solo. You should gain 10% EXP like normal now.
*Added a workaround for unset NPC levels that arent critters(MaxHP <= 5). This gives partial mod support.

*Fixed talking to NPCs.

*Implemented level up UI
*Fixed the stat changes in the stat flower UI
*Changed the stat compare from "> new stat" to "+ difference"
*Implemented breath scaling
*Implemented mana scaling
*Some balance changes to the new damage formula
*Implemented Damage% modifiers conversion to bonus stats (Does not show in tooltip) Conversion rate is 100% > 25 bonus stat.
*Some balance to the new EXP formula from kills
*Player projectiles use the new damage formula now

*First alpha release


A huge thanks to Jopojelly for helping out with various coding issues.
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...And when this gets done, Thorium support and the possibility of going OVER LEVEL 100!

(And then we'll make a new, separate mod and call it Terraria OVERLeveled XDDDDDD)
Is there a thread for the standalone version with more info so I can get a better idea of what this will be like?
So that's what you got going on right now, neat! Sometimes in Unleveled tMod, I get the rare "HP is 0 from dying" or frozen health stat (Not 100% as you think, as it's not godmode) once in a while in multiplayer but has been playing nice.

In total, that's two bugs I know of so far in there regards to that (Second and unmentioned was in the other thread itself, and was about shooting/mining stops when moused over character or enemy window).
FINALLY after yearzzzz of waitin :O All luck with you gotest !
I mean literally years :DDDDD
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If this mod updated, will the character reset or we can continue playing like in the standalone mod?
If this mod updated, will the character reset or we can continue playing like in the standalone mod?
I'm not too sure yet. I may be able to allow people to move their characters over to tMod. Depending on if I can read the player data from the standalone.
Though, I can't say the same for moving from tmod, to the standalone. Because tMod saves in a different way.
I'm not too sure yet. I may be able to allow people to move their characters over to tMod. Depending on if I can read the player data from the standalone.
Though, I can't say the same for moving from tmod, to the standalone. Because tMod saves in a different way.
Its all about VARs manipulation isnt it ? The template is the same right ? (like you didnt remove EXP or something like that :D ) If yea then just port the VARs over and you should be good to go.
Also , another my idea, what about making NPC who fire proj. have a temp variable holding damage modifier and something to identify his projectiles like his id or whatever u know what i mean right? Cuz i dont know a THING about tmodloader coding but it has to have global VARs right ? Tryin to help as i can :)
Nah, he'll have to find the hooks that lets him do what he needs. Can't really use that kind of stuff out on a limb, as tModLoader is more limited compared to the Standalone version.

It's just going to be a varied percentage of learning and applying the code/hooks where it counts.
I'm definitely looking forward to this. It's awesome that you decided to port it to tModLoader.
Are you going to include eventual API so other modders can give support to your mod?
I like it and it has potential but I like to play summon end everytime a summon kills a mop I don't get any XP.
Also i would be nice if you change the way XP are generated (for exaple HP+Armor+Damage/10/level) so you can play it with other mods which add other mops.
But still nice idear kep it up ^^
i think i found a bug,i cant speak to ANY NPC,not even the guide
I'm having the same problem as Xose12, i cant speak to ANY NPC,not even the guide.
Wow, I am so sorry guys. That's one thing I didn't bother to even TRY to see if works, since I've never had that problem before.

I attempted to fix it and it appears to be working, as I can talk to the Guide now. I updated the mod on here and the browser.
I like it and it has potential but I like to play summon end everytime a summon kills a mop I don't get any XP.
Also i would be nice if you change the way XP are generated (for exaple HP+Armor+Damage/10/level) so you can play it with other mods which add other mops.
But still nice idear kep it up ^^
Summoners should be able to gain at least 10% EXP from those kills. If you hit the enemy at least once, like with a gun or melee weapon, you'll get full EXP.
And I already have a plan to get the EXP and Level situation worked out. Just not the top priority right now, since I need to get the main features of the mod in first.
While loading a server, it seems to auto disabled leveled every time due to an incorrect font.
Leveled on tMod doesn't currently support Multiplayer, but should be able to load.
I'll look in to this.
Alright everyone, I just updated to 0.2.
Adds partial multiplayer support, and fixes server loading.
Also gives partial support to mod NPCs. (They'll have a level higher than 1 now.)
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