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PC LF Weather Radio and a few other random items

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by Rusty, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Rusty

    Rusty Terrarian

    I can pay gold or trade.
    I have almost everything in the game and would be willing to trade duplicates just ask.

    Posted the Text List Here

    BY Rusty Eyeballs
    http://steamcommunity.com/id/ RustyEyeballs

    Weather Radio

    Lihzahrd Power CellS - LOTS

    Enchanted Sword

    Eskimo Armor
    Moon Mask
    Sun Mask

    Mining Shirt
    Mining Pants

    Ice Sickle
    Dart Pistol
    Falcon Blade
    Crystal Serpent
    Chain Knife

    Ancient Cultist Mask

    Hotline Fishing Hook
  2. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Spazmatism

    I got most of them. I got...

    - Fish Finder (does everything a Weather Radio Does and More)
    - Lizzard Powered Cells (at least 4 stacks)
    - Arkhalis
    - Enchanted Sword
    - Moon Mask
    - Sun Mask
    - Ice Sickle
    - Uzi
    - Ancient Cultist Mask
    - Hotline Fishing Hook