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Linux Dedicated Server Logs


Hi All,

Having an issue with one of my dedicated servers running on Debian 9. It seems to be crashing every few hours so I wanted to check the logs to figure out what's going on but I cant seem to find where it keeps its logs. Any ideas where it stores the logs?


I too am struggling with dedicated server. I'm using Linux GameServer Manager ( LinuxGSM_ ) to do the heavy lifting and too am facing occasional crashes.

This setup puts logs into my ~/log/script/terrariaserver-alert.log and in it, i discovered following:
Validating world save: 20%
Validating world save: 39%
Validating world save: 54%
Validating world save: 76%
Validating world save: 96%
Backing up world file
./TerrariaServer: line 42: 47903 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./${BASENAME}.bin.${ext} [email protected]
It sound slightly similarly so I thought to hop on this thread


I'm having a similar issue, I believe it is an error with the autosave. The server is now at, but I'm still having the same issue.


Interesting, the strange thing is im running two other terraria servers on the same linux box and they're rock solid, not a single crash.


I suspect that... the world ..... it might be corrupted. :D (har har, it's actually crimson :p)

In my case it's a file generated on and maybe a specific occurrence of edge cases happened in the world which cause the world verification go haywire.


Just a vanilla server, since upgrading to the crashes have ceased, so must have been a bug im guessing. Hoping is just as stable.
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