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Switch Local co op "Another User cannot be selected"


Hello all,

It's quite possible I had a major misunderstanding of what a "family plan" entails on Nintendo Switch. My two boys have my original Switch at their mother's house. I allowed that console to remain primary so they could continue playing the games I purchased. I have a console at my house now, and I have it set as my secondary console. My son's account is a supervised account on the family plan, but when I try to launch a 2nd player, it says "Another User cannot be selected, so the process cannot continue" or something close to that. Does this mean that there has to be another account registered to my console that owns a duplicate copy of the game, and not linked to my family account? That seems somewhat... counterintuitive for something called a "family plan." If that's not the case, is it because local co op cannot be done on a secondary console and can only be done on a primary console? Been a big fan for many years, thanks for any help or advice.
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