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Xbox One Looking for items needed for Ankh Shield (Xbox One)


Official Terrarian
Parts of Ankh Shield (especially the Nazar)
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Acc: Combat
I just lost all items for my Ankh Shield due to a save error, and I am looking for specific parts of the Ankh Shield.
-Mostly Looking For-
> Nazar
> Vitamins
> Megaphone
> Blindfold
> Trifold Map
> Armor Polish

Any other parts of the Ankh Shield apart from the Obsidian Shield would be much appreciated.

I can trade most post-Moonlord items, various accessories, platinum coins and more. PM me for more info.
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Official Terrarian
Sorry, I just got the rest of the pieces from someone else. I am willing to trade a Terrarian for the compass and the fish finder though!


Official Terrarian
I have been trying to get a blindfold for a few days now with no luck, I don’t care what ya want for it, if I’ve got it you can have it, within reason of course


Skeletron Prime
i would but i cant play long distance srry dude. i play mobile so i dont know HOW to play long distance etheir
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