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PC Looking for someone to play Terraria with!

Discussion in 'PC Quick Hookup' started by vannbabu, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. vannbabu

    vannbabu Terrarian

    Hey! I actually made an account on this forum for the sole purpose of finding somebody to play with. Preferably they would have to be available weekend mornings and on weekday nights. I am in the Eastern Timezone so please comment on this thread and we can see if we're compatible! I can do expert or no expert, however I am not too experienced with expert so you would have to forgive my inexperience. Thanks!
  2. Arkhateus

    Arkhateus Terrarian

    Hey VannBabu I tried to find you on steam but couldn't, I'm looking for someone to play with too. what's your steam ID? I'll add you :)
  3. vannbabu

    vannbabu Terrarian

  4. Boibi

    Boibi Terrarian

    Hey, I would like to play. My timezone is CEST though, but I can pretty much play anytime except for morning-afternoon on weekdays. My discord is
  5. Saiph

    Saiph Official Terrarian

    If the offer's still on the table, I'd be down for tagging along. I'm also in Eastern time so that aligns rather nicely. It'd just be sort of pointless to put my Steam here since my username is so generic there's a ton of people with it.
  6. Dogod

    Dogod Terrarian

    i would like to play too! im pretty new to terraria
  7. _ALIEN_

    _ALIEN_ Terrarian

    if the offer is still up im down
    I am three hours ahead of UTC tho
    i have about 500 hours of experience so i can help with stuff you might not know
  8. vannbabu

    vannbabu Terrarian

    Great! I'll add you.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2019, Original Post Date: Sep 14, 2019 ---
    I am in EST, not UCT. ^^'
    If you meant you are in UTC, I can always make arrangements to play on weekend mornings.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2019 ---
    Great! Do you have a discord or steam?
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2019 ---
    Awesome! Do you have a discord?
  9. Saiph

    Saiph Official Terrarian

    Yeah, I just don't use it all that often (and I'm without a mic so that's out the window if that was ever a thing in the first place), but it's Cross #4428.
  10. Bonys02

    Bonys02 Terrarian

    Can i join too?
    my discord:
  11. GrixGrove

    GrixGrove Terrarian

    If the offer is still up, i would like to join too. my Discord is :GrixGrove#4731
  12. Dogod

    Dogod Terrarian

    ive got steam!
    Steam Community :: Dogod
  13. Chaly

    Chaly Terrarian

    A lot of people already answered, but uhh, I can play in the morning, if you want to!:dryadsmile: (and if you're ok with a non-native person - I have a mild accent.)
  14. Saiph

    Saiph Official Terrarian

    Wow this is turning into quite the party (assuming all of us do in fact join). The more the merrier?
  15. Chaly

    Chaly Terrarian

    Well why not?:dryadgrin: Or maybe some of those who answered will arrange with each other lol
  16. Arkhateus

    Arkhateus Terrarian

    I can host, I have already been playing with Bonys, boibi and kat. Anyone else who wishes to join hop on to this discord server: Join the Spacey Discord Server!
  17. Snowchili

    Snowchili Terrarian

    Is this still open to join? :0
    I'm also looking for people to play with lol
  18. ✪ Crow

    ✪ Crow Terrarian

    I'd like to join y'all, but my time zone is EEST. If that's fine then add me on discord: Spirik#7506
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019 at 10:50 AM