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**REPORTED** Lots of lag with new sprite effects


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I'm getting large amounts of slowdown on Linux whenever these specific sprites are on screen:

- The encircling sprites of Titanium armor's "TitaniumStorm" effect. The armor does not lag when these are not present.
- Queen Slime's mount. (I'll have to test if Queen Slime herself lags)

The lag starts mild and becomes worse within seconds. For this reason, I suspect it's a memory hogging issue.

The game runs decently otherwise.


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Both of these use some new shader effects we have added, and though I haven't seen reports of performance drops on PC, this might be a Mac/Linux specific conflict with them. I'll log it in our system to review, thanks for the report!


Just here to confirm the slowdown issue concerning Queen Slime's mount on linux.
My version is based on Ubuntu 16.04, played on Steam, version .

Edit : About the encircling sprites of Titanium armor, I only experience this kind of slowdown when triggered while damaging pirates. Other mobs create no problem at all so far.
Edit (2): I think I have made a false correlation, I had the slowdown while fighting the pirates, but that shoudn't mean they're linked to the problem.
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