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Other Art Lunatic Generator: A Terraria Pixel Art Masher


"Why is this here in the art section?" Quite fun you ask, fine chap. I used my limited resource of common sense to determine this program takes pixel arts, it mashes them into new pixel arts, its designed to do nothing but provide visual entertainment. Hence, art section. It's a program, like many Terraria tools, but it's in no way a game enhancer. If any mod feels this is out of place, feel free to move it where deemed appropriate. Many thank you.

Screenshot from the original contest post.

During the TCF 1st anniversary contest, I felt the need to participate, but granted the lack of a mods category (obviously it would have not been appropriate for the theme of the contest) and my lack of any other entertaining skill other than programming, this was the result of my creativity.

Put it simply, I made pixel arts. Not a simple pixel art, rather a mash of pixel arts. Or even more appropriately, a program able to mash pixel arts.

I made this thread as a way of expanding upon it, possibly update the program, collect feedback and such. Here's a link to the original contest post.

Latest version.

For this "first" post-contest release, I added some extra texts on screen, along with adding two hotkeys (F1, F2) allowing to hide UI and Alien to possibly show the entire background or just background and Alien.

Download (Source)
Latest Version: 1.1

- Added F1 and F2 hotkeys to toggle UI and alien sprite drawing.
- Added version number to the top left corner and new hotkeys notice to the top right.

- Initial Release
Older Versions

Program is coded in C# and XNA, it should share requirements with Terraria. Every sprite used is property of Re-Logic.​
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