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  • for the heck of it, i'm going to make it official.

    Drake (aka Ecto since real names are never said) has (or in reality, HAD) 2 kids, both twins. (sometime after his resurrection)
    Guess my favorite undertale character (there are 2 correct answers)
    Since I got nothing else to do.


    What pet peeves you do have with RPing...? (other than not being motivated)
    Something I would mention is when someone has specifically said they don't want something or that they're uncomfortable with that thing, and then someone does that thing anyway, and I mean someone who should by all logic know that the other person is not ok with whatever the thing being done is. Hasn't happened to me, but it's still not a good thing to do.
    Or just deciding to cause chaos for no discernible reason, likely answering with "I was bored." or something like that when questioned.
    And also not being able to wait more than maybe an hour or so for someone to respond to their thing.
    And then there's just suddenly appearing at a (possibly important and intended to be between just the ones that are already part of it) scene without even much of an explanation.
    hey Re-Logic, I noticed that accessories visible on your character disappear during the death animation, also during the death animation, there's a 2nd pair of legs that are naked alongside the regular legs/pants.

    could that get fixed in 1.4.4? (expecting them not to listen)
    It be nice to see the player's cape or boots be with the character instead of vanishing.



    Fun Fact: Jack Youngbeam was born among pirates, however due to the pirates being attacked by a sea monster while he was a infant, the group fell apart, Jack and one of the pirates survived together and the latter decided to give up piracy and adopt Jack.
    I like the cheekiness of the lightbulb man. The hat is what really sets himself apart. Great vanity choice in your banner as well.

    10/10 Vibes :D
    Top 5 wholesome/nicest OCs

    1. Craith
    2. Roroto
    3. Gina
    4. Oraro
    5. Emily

    Honorable Mentions -

    Paimko, Max, Doku, Matt, Thud, Ian, Vix
    Dishonorable Mentions are exclusive to the "Titanium Package"


    Redesigning my self-insert (Although I keep the Newton PFP) and I'm using one of my minecraft skins as the redesign, but which one..?
    I have a random question.

    planning on giving one of my OCs a redesign and that redesign involves giving him shorts (swimming shorts), so the question is what colour do I make the shorts?
    Strangely, despite LittleBigPlanet3 being considered the worst game in the series (not counting the PSP game and the Karting game) due to the bugs and overall being rushed.

    Alot of people seem to love this guy.


    and I can't argue with them.
    Since I feel like rewarding you..


    Roroto without armor. (although not seen on the sprite, I imagine Roroto has bandages on his hands, also
    fun fact: Roroto is shorter than the average man)
    Re-Logic needs to do something about invasions, considering how they could do one of the following.

    1. Make Invasions go naturally if the player takes too long or the player gets killed too much (while not counting the invasion as fought so that the player can't get the goblin tinkerer out of a failed goblin army)

    2. A option to cancel invasions (so I can keep sleeping for traveling merchant without being goblin'd)
    • Love
    Reactions: Greybrynn
    I made this post because I was sleeping for traveling merchant in master mode but the announcement for goblins came so I quit my world (I will fight them hopefully as payback for
    interrupting me), I wish I had Twitter so I could ask the devs about it on there.
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