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Magicasquirrel's AMA


The Destroyer
Since I have nothing better to do, might as well make an AMA. Probably won't get much attention, but whatever.

As far as questions go, I will answer everything, except questions which I have no answer for (and also outright ridiculous or extremely personal questions).

Questions, start!
Have you defeated Moon Lord? Do you have the Terra Blade like me or have a better weapon like the Zenith?


Official Terrarian
I will neither deny nor confirm the following information. Anyone who ever says they know my true identity is spreading false information and should be reported to the Magic Anonymity Nest (MAN) immediately.


Official Terrarian
1. Wizard. Quite a nice fellow, he is!
2. Arms dealer. Never had a use for him personally. I just dislike guns.
3. Uhhhhh..... Yes?
4. Isn't it obvious? Of course it's the magma snail it is really obvio- okay it's actually gem squirrels.


Official Terrarian
Hmmmm.... I'd have to go with cuffs. Cloaks are just a bit too... Cliche. Cuffs feel extremely brutal, they symbolize freedom, the ability to break free from anything and anyone... A true rebel's sign of relentless battle for their own destiny. Plus, they could also potentially serve combat and/or mobility purposes depending on how you enchant them.
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