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Magicasquirrel's AMA


Official Terrarian
Do squirrels become magical or born like that?
...It took me unforgivably long to realise this message was just white text. I thought it was just one of those empty/invisible messages.

Both. A squirrel, like any other creature, can learn or be infused with magic. Offspring of two magical specimen can also possess magical properties, but can still learn new ones they haven't been born with.


Official Terrarian
Question: How many games have you ever played?
Hmm, well, if I only count the games that I actually consider to be at least decent in terms of quality... Maybe around a 150? I am the type of person who likes to play the hell out of a game before moving onto the next one, and I also often revisit old gems that I played before, so I don't end up trying new adventures that often.
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