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Make an item OP game.


I thought it would be a fun little game to try to think of the most creative ways an item could be over buffed into a super weapon.

The way this will work is each post will give a way to make an item OP, and then at the bottom of their post they say the next persons item.

It has to be a creative buff, no things which just scale the damage.
It should make partial sense, for example no making the copper short sword rain medusas which shoot phantasmal deathrays on you enemies, that doesn't quite make sense.

I'll start with Daedalus Stormbow

When held, all rain particles generated are converted into arrows, including those from rain cloud blocks.

Next: Minishark
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Duke Fishron
It fires sharks which then repeatedly fire the bullets the minishark would normally fire towards the mouse cursor, only shooting out the shark consumes ammo.

Of course, now I have to, for the sake of progression, say:


Bubbles are bigger and do a bunch of splash damage when they pop, bubbles don't pop until they hit something, and they home.

Jungle Armor


Lets you do damage by jumping on enemies (It would hurt to be stomped on with a chunk of obsidian, ok?), makes unicorn mount go faster.
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