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Make dirt rod great for the first time!

Make dirt rod not junk?

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What if dirt rod rather than tossing around a useless ball of dirt could be used to created and place dirt anywhere you like. Very convenient and yes it would essentially be an upgrade to ice rod so I'd also propose that it be changed from a buyable item to a crafted one.

x1 Ice Rod
x4995 Dirt
x10 Soul of Sight
Magic Orb crafting station.

To be clear the dirt would instantly place at range as though you were building them, they wouldn't be affected by gravity. So take a useless item and make an upgrade to a not useless item.

Derpling Ω

Tbh bring back that ancient sand stacking glitch which turned it into one of the strongest (then) weapons in the game and let you murder your npcs freely.

I still think it should shoot a projectile that places the block like the ice rod, just so it's line of sight and you can't just imprison enemies behind walls when they're barely onscreen and underground.

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
The dirt rod is so forgettable it's laughable, and this seems like a very good way to improve it, and since dirt has no value it's free from money exploits. However it could be used to cover peoples houses in dirt :dryadnaughty:
So don't let Derp- too late.

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
I wasn't gonna say that, but I guess it would totally happen... (you should see how trolly I already am with the Ice Rod…)
I only recently realised how much of a buff the Ice rod has had since 1.1, now it fires so quickly :dryadtongue:
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Felis domesticus

The Destroyer
I like this idea! It also means that you would be able to have an infinite amount of dirt to turn into mud to make an infinite supply of chlorophyte.:happy:


Yep. I figure it wouldn't be too broken since you can just take a drilling unit down to Resourcetopia (my scrap world) to get all the dirt you could ever want.
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