Game Mechanics Make mana crystals cost more stars

Do you think that mana crystals should be more expensive?

  • Yes, raise the cost to 5 stars.

    Votes: 31 40.8%
  • Yes, raise the cost to 7 stars.

    Votes: 8 10.5%
  • Yes, raise the cost to 10 stars.

    Votes: 13 17.1%
  • No, I like my stars easy to get. (explain why)

    Votes: 24 31.6%

  • Total voters
3 is good, you get your first magic weapon in first day, you need to get enough mana to use it.
3 is good but if they can implement it I think it should take more fallen stars the more mana you have
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i don't see why anyone is upset about a cost of 3. i say, the lower, the better, because i almost always have more to do than going from one end of me world to the other when could be spelunking, or building, or managing my storage, or whatever. i was very surprised and happy when they changed it down to 3.
5 Fallen Stars for 1 mana crystal makes sense to me because the mana crystal has 5 points
they dont, they increase it by 20.
I tend to get more than that(probably 10). I play xbox, so I didn't know that it was lowered again. I'm biased, but I have to say, I like 5.
The current Mana Crystal Recipe is fine as it is with 3 stars. Requiring 10 Stars to create 1 Mana Crystal is more of a tedious grind which it was back in 1.1, and for Magic Focused characters, it is important to get maxed Mana as soon as possible, and with some nights yielding less stars than others, it can take longer to get a character to maxed Mana depending on how many stars the Night decides to bless you with.

5 Stars was a fair enough Recipe which wasn't too grindy and still had enough to make it feel like you were empowering a Mana Crystal. Though it is better with only 3 Stars.

There are also several other uses for Stars like the Star Cannon, Enchanted Nightcrawlers and making the Star in a Bottle. Requiring only 3 Stars per Mana Crystal (with only 27 needed to max out Mana compared to 45 or 100) makes it so the player can grind a little bit to get enough Stars then focus on using Stars for other uses. (Especially the Star Cannon which needs a decent amount of Stars to be of somewhat practical use)

I totally agree with you, those wo dont rly use fishing/magic class, they do not need the stars, but for me with my fisher+demon class (i mean i use summoning, meele, ranged, magic weps os i prefer myself as a demon :p) i really low on stars so many times. and not only when i use star cannon. Either nightcrawlers. Why? well thats simple! Mana potions... they are almost TOO expensive and i always have ~50 on me and ~200in storage... thats 250 star... i think with the 1.3 star crafting possobilities, its almost perfectly balanced amout to make a mana crystal.
[doublepost=1459530967,1459530847][/doublepost]plus if theyplan adding more crafting with stars, they dont need to change this amout again...
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Stars are a much more valuable and prolific resource in the new versions of Terraria. For people who like fishing, you need to balance out Stars between Mana, Potions and Enchanted Nightcrawlers early-game, and even then Nightcrawlers are the second-best Bait in the game, after Master. Plus they are used to make Sunplate Blocks and Jester's Arrows, both being pretty cool items in their own right. I don't know if I prefer 3 or 5 stars per crystal, but I can at least understand why the cost has been lowered, especially after playing a Magic character and knowing the struggle of being completely useless early-game. Seriously, in early battles when you have no Mana Potions it's really tough to juggle Mana pool if it's even just 100. If Mana Crystals were 7 stars I'd have 60 Mana in my current playthrough and I'd have to build a massive bridge to collect enough stars to do anything, or just use Space Gun for literally every battle, which is cheap enough as is. All in all, I think it should stay, and if it must increase only increase a small amount, since I feel it would make the game more tedious or less variable early-game for magic characters, who already have a very limited selection pre-hardmode.
I didn't even realize it'd been lowered to three. Five seemed just fine to me before, so I think it's still fine now.
On console in the days in 1.1, I haven't got even half mana stars for skeletron fight and I wanted to use water bolt only. I did a 1.2 playthrough with new character and still haven't gotten enough mana for the skeletron fight...
I started playing computer and I liked the 3 fallen stars only, had full mana before skeletron and it was a nice fight and I won with ease. Anyway, the cost for a mana crystal is good where it is and doesn't need to be changed.
Sry, but no support this time... :(
All your other ideas are AMAZING though!;)
[doublepost=1484701279,1484701174][/doublepost]+Fallen stars are used for magic potions and I run out of them quite often
Saying it should be higher because that "makes the game more difficult" is the same as saying Brock's Pokemon should be level 25 - the only difficulty added is tedium from having to grind.

While that could be true for some cases, by this logic we could argue for reducing the cost to one star per Mana Crystal because it would be less 'tedious'. Mana crystals don't even feel satisfying to use anymore, because they're so laughably easy to get. The Wand of Sparking has a measly mana cost of two, and early gem staves have only three or four, so there are still viable weapons when your mana pool is small. And if you can't find a Wand of Sparking, you won't be using magic at the very beginning, anyway.

While I admit I've never done a full mage-only playthrough, I do think there are reasonable limits to how far you should drive down the price of items. Collecting five stars isn't all that tedious, but with only three needed, I can easily get full mana without even trying before making much progress.
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