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Map conpletion

Did you like It?

  • I liked feature 1 of the explorer

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • I liked feature 2

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  • I liked number 3

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  • I liked the dryad feature

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • I didn't like any (please explain why)

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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I propose an npc and a new feature to the dryad. Getting right to it, the explorer npc would show up when you have reached the 4 borders your world.

The npc would have 3 features. The 1st would be to make unexplored parts of your world appear on your map at full brightness.

The 2nd would be to enhance the map to full brightness. This would be much cheaper than revealing the unknown areas.

The selection would open your map and have you drag aound and resize a box, which would be revealed or brighttened. Areas that have already met the qualifications eould be not added to the price.

The 3rd and final feature would be to update your map to search for say, a meteor.

The new feature for the dryad would "pin" a random block of infectious biome of your choice.

Thanks for reading my suggestion, leave any feedback in the comments.
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Crazzi Turtle

With the map enchancements, i generally like the idea of pinning places on your map. This could be usefull when you want to pin that certain mushroom biome that you always miss the route to, or to pin your fishing spots etc. I generally didn't have a problem with brightness, this is because you're usually carrying around torches or glowsticks, or light pets. I like the idea of pinning though, maybe not the NPC but just generally the pinning feature.


First off, a feel like a better name for this NPC would be the Cartographer...
I feel like your first and second points are a bit too OP. Although I feel like the map should refresh automatically, without an NPC. And pinning feels more like mod material...
Not to come off as harsh, but, no support...
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