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PS4 Map Reset Bug


Console Bug Priority
Hi fellow terrarians!! I am having an issue with 3 of my characters at the moment. They all have their own designated worlds and I have only have less than 4 hours play time on each of them but often the case is when I close my game the character I was playing before doing so loses all of its map data. We depend on our maps a lot for different things and early game is mostly when we need it and it sucks when this happens. I have tried opening and closing, uninstalling and nothing has worked. Mind you, it didn’t happen at the same time for all 3 characters.

In the process of finding the perfect world for a play through I go through as many as 10 worlds before I find the perfect one, does this maybe affect my characters map saving abilities somehow?

I have been playing a particular world for a couple of hours now and everything was fine until it wasn’t… (ominous much haha)

Thank you in advance developers and bug fixers!! Merry Christmas x
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