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tModLoader Mecha's Mod


Download on the Mod Browser or on our Discord!

Originally made for tModLoader v0.9.2.1

4 Swords
2 Bows
2 Type of Ammo (w/ 1 Endless Pouch Included)
1 Pickaxe
1 Explosive
1 Accessory
1 Magic Item
1 Natrually generated ore
With lots more to come!

Any Suggestions or Questions
Contact Us:
Sebastian#4567 (Developer)
MekaV#8806 (Spriter)
or join the Discord server

Re-added: Recipe for Super Nova Slicer
Changed: Pricing on most items, and some more sprites
Removed: Unused Sprites

Update Notes: No Value items will be updated once I find a fair price for them

Re-added: Ro-Bow, Star Shot, and Ro-Bow
Added: Elite Mining Potion, Star Hamaxe Recipe, Star Shield, Star Gel, Flamer, and Infernal Spray

Resprited Most Items
Updated from tModLoader v0.9.2.1 to v0.11.7.2
Removed Power Surge, Dev Items, Mega Flamethrower, Ro-Bow, Star Shot, and Star Power
Compressium actually generates in world now

Added Compressium Sword

Added Supernova And Compressium (No Tools/Weapons For It Yet)

Bug Fix

Added Frost Burn Sword, and Frost Bars
Minor Bug Fixes

Added Star Bullets, Star Bullet Pouch, and Dev/WIP Items (Unobtainable)
Minor Bug Fixes

Added Super Nova Slicer, Star Shot, Star Power, Star Hamaxe
Changed Mega Flamethrowers particles to red flames
Bug Fixes

Added Starbars, Star Miner, Switched Fallen stars from Merchant to Dryad
Nerfed The Mega Flamethrower.

Added Mega Flamethrower
Fallen Stars can now be bought from the Merchant for 25 Silver

Added Star Blade

Download Goals

[✓] 500 Downloads - Supernova (Explosive)
[✓] 1k Downloads - Spell Book
[✓] 1.5k - Accessory
[✓] 2k - Potion
[WIP] 2.5k Armor Set
[WIP] 5k - NPC
[ ] 10k - Boss


Developer: BaconMcNuggetz
Spriter: MechaVillager
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