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PC Meowmere up for trade.


I've been grinding for Paladins hammer. c o o l.
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I'm trying to get a fully maxed melee character and I've got the Terrarian and Zenith (Best Yoyo and Sword). But I can't seem to get the Paladins hammer I realized I've got an extra Meowmere on hand that I just don't need I'm tired of being on the grind for the Paladins hammer again and again, so if anybody's got one that they're willing to trade I'd be happy to give you the Meowmere for it.


I have a Paladin's hammer and a bunch of other stuff to give you for the Meowmere, if you are still willing to trade that is.


message me to guide you to a vault with better items than the meowmere


  • vault.wld.bak
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