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Other Art Milt's Papercraft Shenanigans


banner papercraft 1.png

I planned to do this in October 2015, ain't I a stinker?

Anyways, as many of you know, I have dab a bit in papercraft. Before I had joined the Terraria forums, this was my primary pass time, using MS Paint to modify templates I found online, and make my own. That was several years ago, and now I'm putting that back into play, but with Terraria in mind.

banner papercraft 2.png

Below you'll find the base templates I have been using along with some full colored ones.

Currently there are only two in here, a very standard male and female template. I will be adding more armors, weapons, accessories and improve upon the templates in here as I go along

Cookies to the people who can figure out where the names come from, (other than @Sodapone , I told you :v)
template male 1.png
template female 1.png

These are the templates I have created for myself (and maybe others) that can be printed out and folded to make the character they represent or otherwise.

Some may not be completely accurate or optimized as my printer is terrible and barely functions

Red head with the hammer, this is one of Milt's threads, she's going to be somewhere lol
Helena new v2.png
Made this guy for the tutorial. Comes with a removable helmet.
template Seth v2.png

Helena and Seth v2.jpg

banner papercraft 3.png

Y'all are probably scratching your heads and trying to figure out how the hell I did these. well, I'm going to show you (and probably sound very patronizing, but eh, can't treat everybody like a professional)

  • The template (on sturdier paper for best results, however my models were tested with printer paper)
  • Glue (bottle or stick, tho I've only used stick)
  • Craft Pipe Cleaner ( a single strand should be good for each model)
  • Hobby knife/ Scissors
  • A sharp pointy thingy, a sharpened pencil will do (I used the metal nub of a compass)
  • Tweezers (optional, but incredibly helpful and makes everything go a lot more smoothly)
  • A nice open workspace
  • Time, and lots of it

The tutorial model below is Seth, but his basic parts are more or less the same

The first step, take the template, and poke holes in the designated places.

These will be used later for threading pipe cleaner through for articulation (exception being the one on the head, that will be explained later)

I held the template up to the light so the holes are more visible.

Below are the pieces used for the torso, the central "spine", the torso itself, and the neck

it helps to widen the top two holes of the spine slightly. You can use a sharpened pencil to widen the hole.


Folded and glued, they look like this


First, glue the central spine into the torso, using the glue tabs, and if you wish, the thin sides of the spine that touch the torso itself.


Second, glue the neck to the top of the torso (designated by a circle normally, my printer made it almost invisible)


It is incredibly important to make sure the neck is secured and stable. This will be explained in the next step
here are the pieces of the head. The picture below should clarify why the hole was needed initially. In a radial pattern, cut outwards. This will be what creates friction between the head and neck. If you cut too little, you will not be able to insert the neck (and if the neck isn't completely secure, it will detach). Cutting too much will reduce friction, making the head too easy to turn and in extreme cases, fall off.


Below is the pieces folded and ready to be glued together. Please note that the "bottom" of the head is not yet glued, this will make gluing the two parts of the head together easier.


Glue the triangular flaps of the head's "top" into the main part. You can apply pressure through the opening at the bottom


To close the head, apply glue to the tab (not on the colored side) and fold like so:


Stick the neck into the hole at the bottom of the head

This step is interchangeable with Step 5

Below are the pieces needed for the thigh and calf/leg


the thigh itself is fairly straight forward, the calf/foot is slightly more complex, so I'll go over it step by step through pictures anyways. (tweezers help a lot)





Next is the articulation

Thread the pipe cleaner through the calf and into the thigh like so:


Once out, pinch the pipe cleaner down to "lock" the joint (again, tweezers make this step much easier)


Trim off the rest of the pipe cleaner (leave some remaining) and lock this side as well


The other leg is a mirror of this

Next comes attaching the legs to the torso itself


thread the pipe cleaner through one thigh, than into the torso, and out through the other thigh. Trim and lock the pipe cleaner like done previously.

To begin, prepare the shoulder joints. Note that the hole on each "hinge" are not directly in the center, this is intentional.


Connect the shoulder hinges to the torso, threading a pipe cleaner through the joint, into the torso (and spine), and out the other joint.


Lock the joints and trim off the pipe cleaner



Now for the arms themselves

Note the flaps in the "hand" region of the forearm. These will be used to increase friction when there is a weapon in hand. You may trim them off completely if you wish.


Folding is fairly straight forward. Make sure to keep the glue tab out of the weapons socket (trim the tab a bit if it is necessary)


Thread the pipe cleaner through the pieces like previous to form the "elbow" joint


Next is shoulder armor an pauldron (if your character has them)

These are for my "heavy pauldron" which are multiple pieces



Now for the final portion, connecting these to the shoulder joint


Begin by threading the pipe cleaner through the pauldron/shoulder guard and into the shoulder joint


then go through the arm, and out the other shoulder joint


End it by threading through the other half of the pauldron/shoulder guard and end the joint, locking and trimming


Do the same thing on the other side (mirrored of course)

Some of Seth's "extras" have also been applied, don't pay too much attention to them


You are pretty much done now! Congrats!

unless you have extras that is lol
Below will be tutorials on weapons and other pieces

The helmet's assembly is virtually identical to the one of the head, minus the neck being not there and any add-ons.



I will be adding new templates in the future, including more armor types, torso shapes, weapons, hair styles, and heck, maybe some monsters and the like.

Feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see, but take note, I will not be completing full character templates of your oc like it is some kind of request. I'm doing this so y'all can do it yourselves

Have fun, and happy crafting!

DPh Kraken

I think I will try to make these as 3D models, then show you guys the result. I also like how customizable it is, and the low cost.


Empress of Light
Ahhhh, the good old art of papercraft. I used to make TONS of papercraft, but I usually stay away from it now.
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