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Golf Mini Golf Map W.I.P.


I am currently in the progress of constructing a Mini Golf map filled with small golf courses that are played using exclusively putters. Currently I have 1 9 hole course and 9 other holes made split between several different areas for a total of 18 holes. (Pylons are placed for easy navigation.) The world is journey mode, and I'd suggest turning mobs off while golfing. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also your ball shouldn't be able to get stuck but if it does please post a screenshot so I can fix the map.

MediaFire Download
Here are some pictures of the courses:
Capture 2020-05-26 05_56_16.png

A few holes on the forest golf course (the one currently complete with 9 holes) Holes are fairly easy and simple with a listed par averaging about 3.

Capture 2020-05-28 22_17_49.png

A couple holes on the snow course.
Capture 2020-05-28 22_18_45.png

One of two Vortex Pillar themed holes for the under construction lunar golf course. Lightning bolts are actuated and attached to a timer letting them move.


I forgot golf existed until this post. I might check it out. It looks awesome! I love that treehouse design.


I wish I never forgot golf existed. Your map wasn't bad, I absolutely loved the floating islands and the forest golf areas, but god golf in general is tedious and it makes me wanna beat myself on the head with the golf club. Still, good job, it was a pretty good experience aside from a few specific courses

I did complete the course though! Kinda.


Alright cool, I'm planning on adding more easy courses as well as the hard ones I'm constructing. I've tested all the holes quite a bit to make sure they can be done under par and so far they all can be, but I understand how on some of them one bad shot can set you back several strokes and make it take a long time to finish. I'll see if I can make them a little less punishing so people don't end up rolling backward and taking dozens of extra strokes in the future.


Hey, i played your Map. 🏑

I really like your Putter-Only concept.
Your Level design is over the whole first course (forest) nearly perfect.
The maps are not to long, not to short. Sometimes a bit too tricky to play, but allways fun.

I dont count my shoots, so i dont have a highsocre now, i was more about playtesting.
But i enjoyed playing and had fun testing diffrent angles from the Tee.

I hope you keep up working on the Map. Would love to see more Courses.

Forest Theme like i said above, was nearly perfect. everything feels like is on point.
This really feels like a "finished" course. great job.
But i found one Spot i wanna show you.
I playtested a lot and found out that if you hit the ball from the Tee and fall back at the ground you cant come out of there.
You can not hit the Ball high enough to come over the Tree again.


you could easy fix this with just remove a block....


Lunar Theme is a bit "monoton", bring in some other colour, just a littel bit with accents.
The Wire effects are cool, the big platform where you have to wait .. was kinda both. i love it and hate it.
Would be better, if you have more time active and lesser time inaktive blocks, so the waiting isnt that long.
Just a thought, it was intessting and fun to count the timers. good job.


Hollowed Theme is very Cool, quit perfect. I love it.
Not much to play yet, but still there was a spot, i feel like its kinda GG.
on the screenshot below i landed in this spot. i tried 10times and after getting out once, i landed there again.
I gave up ^^

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