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PC Minimalistic Textures

Should I rename this texture pack to "The Plastic Pack"?

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Official Terrarian
I get distracted very easily, which is why I started making a texture pack with minimalistic graphics.
My current plan is to remake all solid tiles first (almost complete), then all walls (WIP), and then all non-solid tiles (not even started yet). Backgrounds are currently not planned (might change though).

IMPORTANT: I will push all development to the Steam Workshop, so the screenshots below are outdated.
Workshop link:
Capture 2021-02-07 21_31_57.png

Capture 2021-02-04 13_27_53.png
Capture 2021-02-04 13_29_30.png
Capture 2021-02-04 13_27_08.png
Capture 2021-02-04 13_25_46.png
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Skeletron Prime
I think staying around a solid color instead of using the dithering effect would look better on the leaves


Official Terrarian
Just updated the texture pack! All regular trees are now done, plus a new health bar design, and also a few WIP walls thrown in for good measure.
Have fun!
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