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Mobile Mobile "Drunk World"


In PC 1.4, there is a world called "Drunk World" accessed by using 05162020, for a seed. There is nothing like this for mobile. 10202020 will not give you a special seed. This is frankly disappointing. I would like to suggest a Drunk World equivalent for mobile, this could be accessed on PC as well, it might work the same as 05162020. I just wish there was some significance to this seed.

I might just be an idiot, so :/

take it with a grain of salt.

Look Here for Drunk World Info


I mean that 10202020 isn't a special seed, and I found it disappointing.
I understand that 05162020 works, I just thought that a 10202020 seed would be really cool
Oh ok. While I can understand, that date was for 1.4's release, I don't think specifically to the Desktop 1.4 release (if you get what I mean).
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