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Mod Libs Pack

This is a pack of library mods to provide a wide range of advanced features for mods to use. If you don't know what this means, and no mods you use require these, you can probably ignore these. They are currently only made for tModLoader for Terraria 1.3, but I will begin porting them to 1.4 soon.

Note: This pack is the intended successor of Mod Helpers, and as such, it will be used to gradually phase that mod out.

  1. Mod Libs - Core - Provides a basic set of (mostly "low level") classes, libraries, and "services" expected to be used by advanced mods.
  2. Mod Libs - General - Supplies a broad library of helpful reusable classes, common-purpose self-contained (`public static`) methods, and "services" for assorted stateful features.
  3. Mod Libs - Libraries - Context - Supplies classes for defining a concept of a "given context" within the game. Supports ModConfig use. Note: This is a WIP mod.
  4. Mod Libs - Libraries - Tiles - Supplies a library of helpful methods and classes for tile finding, filtering, and complex structure placement. Note: This is a WIP mod.
  5. Mod Libs - Libraries - UI - Supplies a library of helpful methods, classes, and "services" for UI use.
  6. Mod Libs - Services - Camera Controls - Supplies classes and services for controlling the player's game view (camera), including movement paths, zoom, shake effects, etc.
  7. Mod Libs - Services - Entity Groups - Supplies libraries and services for providing a wide variety of named "groups" of types of game entities, based on recognizable characteristics.
  8. Mod Libs - Services - Inter-Mod - Supplies services for useful interactions with other mods, including (limited, WIP) compatibility broker functionality.
  9. Mod Libs - Services - Maps - Supplies services for interacting with the in-game map. Note: This is a WIP mod.
  10. Mod Libs - Services - Network - Supplies services for various network-related functions.
  11. Mod Libs - Services - NPC Dialogue - Supplies services for giving NPCs dialogue alerts and custom dialogue messages. Note: This is a WIP mod.
  12. Mod Libs - Utility Content - Supplies assorted game content (NPCs, tiles, etc.) for (reusable) utility purposes.
  13. Mod Utility Panels - Supplies a handy in-game (mod-use only) "utility panels" UI dialog box with tabs. Accessible via. toggle button (top left screen corner) in the inventory screen. Tabs may be defined freely, and may also emit alerts to draw the user's attention.

Download & Installation

To download, visit the Releases section for each of the respective github pages, or else search up the mod by name in tModLoader's mod browser menu.

Requires tModLoader. Copy the above .tmod files to your 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods' folder to play.

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