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Mobile Mods for terraria mobile

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Is it possible to get mods on terraria mobile? If so can you do it with iOS and without jailbreak? Or do I have to jailbreak?
I'm not sure but I'm 100% sure that you need to jailbreak to get the mods Apple is too stupid and annoying and strict + everything in the world to allow it. All I know is Apple is the worst company ever I wonder why I'm switching to android :D Apple won't allow mods for years to come.


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Can you. You transfer worlds from terraria iOS to terraria android p.s nice signature how did you get it?
I used signaturecraft.us to get my signauture it's a Minecraft signature maker. Also you can transfer you iOS world to Android although it requires a PC to do so. You need jailbreak also I'm not exactly sure how to do it but I do know iFunBox is required to take the world off of the iOS device then you need some other programs to transfer it to android as of now I'm not quite sure.
I just realised that I need to jailbreak it to get the world files and player files out of the app, the problem is there is no jailbreak for my iOS yet (Apple sucks with apps)

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505Games stance on mobile modding:

Short version: you can do what you want with your own device, just don't share/link/advertise it on this forum. That also means: don't post images/screenshots of altered mobile versions of the game on this forum.

This policy is also part of the forum rules regarding piracy and modding:


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