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tModLoader More Item Info - Adds tooltips for recipes, price, etc.


More Item Info


Simple mod that lists recipes requiring and produced by a given item in that item's tooltips and also displays its sell value. Configurable.

Source code available.


Requires tModLoader. Copy the above .tmod file to your 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods' folder to play.

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  • Added hotkey to toggle item info display
  • Adjusted item money denom order
  • Added recipes of the recipe groups of the given item into the 'crafts into' list
  • First forum release.


  • MoreItemInfo v1.1.0.zip
    28.7 KB · Views: 25
  • MoreItemInfo v1.2.0.zip
    30.5 KB · Views: 3
  • MoreItemInfo v1.2.1.zip
    30.6 KB · Views: 11
  • MoreItemInfo v1.3.0.zip
    32.6 KB · Views: 1
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Very useful mod, helps to see if an item is used in anything which can be handy if you don't use recipe browser or don't want to constantly open it up. Also if you have something in your inventory that you want to craft more of its also useful for seeing what items make it and definitely helps out for quick viewing even when using the recipe browser and scrolling over something, you can see all the recipes that make it in one, or some to most of the recipes depending on how many mods you have installed.
5/5 Would recommend as a QoL mod to anyone who plays modded, good addition to recipe browser.


great mod

would be even greater if there was an option to make it only display by pressing a hotkey instead of being permanently on

good job though, i like it a lot
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