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Mossy Boulder Staff

Lord Garak

Apparently a rolling stone does gather moss after all

6 boulders + 3 vines + 4 jungle spores at an Anvil

28 base summon damage
9% base crit chance
Very slow speed

Boulders roll along the ground when possible and leap some height to hit aerial enemies. When striking an enemy they will fly through dealing damage, then decelerate and come back around to continue fighting. This process however will take some time to repeat compared to rapid-fire blunt objects like Deadly Spheres. Boulders are much slower, and inaccurate when airborne compared to Deadly Spheres.


Fill a mid-prehardmode slot for Summoner and provide an alternative to the Hornet Staff

A stone and wooden tuning fork with a ball of moss hovering in the center


(Sprite by @Terrarian_37)
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Wow, this is actually a pretty good suggestion. This is a great choice for starting Pure Summoners to get by not having to go to Hell or grind for the Slime Staff. Also, this is definitely a unique summoning weapon.


Eye of Cthulhu
actually, this is a really neat idea, forget what I said on the other forum. Summoners need love. And a slimestaff at 100% droprate from pinky.
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