PS4 Multiplayer? Did you really had to?

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by Diego Weiller, Jun 8, 2019.



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  1. Diego Weiller

    Diego Weiller Terrarian

    Why only paid multiplayer on ps4? I feel ripped of actually, always loved this game, but now i sincerely woul want a refund. =/
    No mods, no multiplayer, oh and did I mention I paid R$64.00 BRL for a single player? Its not worth payng that for almost a 1/1000 of the content available with mods.
    I don't like PS+ (too much expensive), so, even if it would seem as a :red:ty move, allow me to buy mods as if they were DLC.
    Or, make the game modable (installing on external HDD and swapping files maybe?)
    I am really sorry to say tha buying tha game today, instead of happyness, gave me sadness ;-;

    Kk yea exaggerated as F* but true. sheet i bought it on PS4 as my anniversary present (25 already... Oof) and it felt as getting a pair of socks...

    Anyway to mod? I dont care if its ilegal, ilegal should be selling half a game...
  2. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We don't sell the game or give refunds on this site. If you wish to get a refund of your purchase, then I suggest you return to where you purchased it, as soon as possible.

    Sony requires a Playstation Plus subscription for online multiplayer for all games they sell for PS4 (with a few exceptions of Sony's choosing). This is not something that Re-Logic/505Games has a choice about. Perhaps you should have done some research before purchasing your console. (Microsoft has a similar requirement for XB1, I believe, for what that's worth.)

    Your EULA with Sony also states that you are not permitted to mod your console or games. You can of course do what you wish with your own console, but the rules of this forum forbid sharing information about how to do that here. Please look elsewhere if that is what you are interested in.
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  3. Diego Weiller

    Diego Weiller Terrarian

    Nah, as I said, I love the game, I'm just rantig about e.e lul...
  4. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    TK, you ar right about Xbox One needing a subscription to play online, but I'm pretty sure Xbox Live Gold is a lot cheaper. Diego, you should, indeed, have done research.