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My little build/wire collection


Skeletron Prime
Wall design
Capture 2019-10-20 02_46_44.png

Snow cabin
Capture 2019-08-21 00_55_44.png

Modern/Old house
Capture 2019-10-30 21_32_00.png


Capture 2019-10-20 00_01_54.png


Kitchen design


Sleepy AFK
Capture 2019-12-28 01_45_32.png

Sleepy AFK #2
Capture 2020-01-03 18_28_23.png


Capture 2019-11-30 18_00_55.png

Roof design
Capture 2019-11-17 21_19_54.png

Toxic island
Capture 2019-11-13 17_52_47.png

Toxic Island #2
Capture 2019-11-30 17_12_05.png

Mini island
Capture 2019-10-20 21_58_13.png

Ice giant
Capture 2019-10-27 22_21_44.png

Mines design
Capture 2019-12-24 22_31_30.png

Snowy tree
Capture 2019-11-13 21_04_47.png

Zombie bridge
Capture 2019-11-05 18_49_05.png

Tutorial rock
Capture 2019-12-22 01_30_55.png

Doctor Who
Capture 2019-10-10 01_44_57.png

Potion shop
Capture 2019-12-21 22_16_34.png

3D door
Capture 2019-11-29 22_14_44.png

Optical illusion
Capture 2019-11-17 21_17_22.png

Pons ad Spatium
Pons ad Spatium.png

Working Guitar Hero
Capture 2019-08-19 17_38_44.png

Password combination lock
Capture 2019-11-15 23_03_55.png

Torch display for numbers
Capture 2020-01-04 17_40_35.png


"Joke builds"

Rainbow brick
Capture 2020-01-03 23_03_57.png

Dirt (Best block) vs Rainbow brick (Don't speak bout it)
Capture 2019-11-22 23_22_27.png

Capture 2019-12-14 23_18_54.png

Minecraft Hmmm
Capture 2019-10-30 21_53_08.png

Illegal Minecraft
Capture 2019-11-17 00_46_10.png

All of you currently seeing this post
Capture 2019-11-05 19_47_14.png

mr e

The Destroyer
nice, uxpee ;)

lots of builds i haven't seen before, i really like the tutorial rock
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