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My little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
Not much to say - I am watching it from like February 2020, despite being an adult. Give or take, some solutions seem to be like "there's a deus ex machina moment, activate it when end of season comes." With the castle in the Ponyvile for example and the box-

Meanwhile your world, Eldgey, has so much troubles, and they don't go solved even at end of season! Call it a cheap ripoff... even given you somehow watched all four first seasons and started the fifth one recently.
Rainbow... understand, your world does have easy solution to common problems and villains, and his world has no easy solutions for their problems.

Anyway, where am I at, it has some enjoyable values, not really educational sometimes. But if you take it as a stress relief or nostalgia for older, more social times, who knows? Perhaps it has more value that way?

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
I also heard that they're going to be keeping most of the characters' names, but shuffling their bodily types. I don't think I can handle a Twilight Sparkle that's an Earth Pony. Heh. Only time will tell.
Welp, from the recent news they settled for different cast not resembling that of Mane Six at any stage. I don't know how I'll handle Generation 5, and it would start from the movie somehow.
//Note: Sorry for double-posting. But I had to add the addendum.

Scratch Lunin

Brain of Cthulhu
I understand that. Maybe the main series were ended, and some characters will be gone from G5 just like that post, but who knows... besides, one more thing I forgot to add - there's a comic continuation to Friendship is Magic. IDW release, at least
I meant the original post.
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