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My Terraria World keeps aborting itself

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Hi, I may have broken something that I'm not smart enough to figure out.
I'm using 104 mods so that might be the issue. I'm willing to disable some but my computer is too decrepit to find out which ones via process of elimination, so I'm asking for help from you codemonkeys so I don't end up wasting --er, "investing" 3 years of my life learning C#.

Getting to the point, I'm using the 64 bit version of tModloader and when loading an extra large world I made in TerraCustom it ends up committing sudoku at the "settling liquids" phase.
While my computer is indeed a Cenozoic relic, it has plenty of available memory and processing power to get up to this point, so I have no clue what could be causing it to choke on its drink.

I attached the client log my console spat at me, it could probably explain this mess far better than I ever could.

Thanks for the help, friendos.



I'm no programmer, but try disabling Elements Awoken and TerrariaOverhaul and see if it loads?

   at TerrariaOverhaul.OverhaulProjectiles.Projectile_NewProjectile(Single x, Single y, Single speedX, Single speedY, Int32 type, Int32 damage, Single knockback, Int32 owner, Single ai0, Single ai1)
   at ElementsAwoken.Items.BossDrops.CosmicObserver.Demolecularizer.Shoot(Player player, Vector2& position, Single& speedX, Single& speedY, Int32& type, Int32& damage, Single& knockBack)
   at TerrariaOverhaul.OverhaulItem.PostSetupContent()
   at System.Action.Invoke()
   at TerrariaOverhaul.OverhaulMod.PostSetupContent()
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