Biomes & Nature New biome - Savannah


It will be a new biome usually generating near desert. It will have strong enemies but also offer valuable loot.

Savanna dirt(will replace regular dirt)
Acacia wood(will replace regular wood and will also have the same set as other typed of wood)
Savanna seeds(can be used to spread savanna)

Savanna slime:Savanna variation of slime and has the same stats as Jungle slime
Charging Rhino:Will attack player charging at him doing massive damage(35 in classic), has low health(65 on classic) and is good at resisiting knockback)
Crocodile:Will spawn on water, they are slow but have 100 health, 25 damage and resistant to knockback
Elephant:Rare enemy, immune to knockback and has 500 health, 50 damage, but it easy to dodge him by running below when he moves his legs.

Native african:Has 150 health and throw spears at player which do 50 damage(african on contact deals 10 damage) and does Poisoned debuff, they don't chase players and knockback easily throws them far away.
Lion:Jumps at player doing 100 damage and bleeding debuff, has 200 health and almost immune to knockback.

Crocodile's scale(you can make a good armor with this)
Elephant's bone(it has no use(for now) other than most NPCs can pay 5 gold coins for this)
Banners of all those enemies

Native African mask:just a mask...
Lion's blade:It does 25 damage and looks like Meowmere but yellow color and with lion instead of cat.
Crocodile saddle:calls a Crocodile mount which can swim on surface of water and automaticaly do 10 damage to all enemies which are in front of him.
Ostrich whistle:calls a fast-running nount
Rhino bird staff:calls a Rhino Bird minion doing 15 damage and behaving like Finch minion.

Antilope:Behaves similar to bunnys

Elephant hunter:Kill an Elephant
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