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PC New Boss in 1.4.1.?


So there's a new spot in the bestiary, number 486 to be exact, which is just before the Eye of Cthulhu. It shows up when applying the underground, cavern and boss filters. My first thought was the torch god but after doing the event the entry is still empty. Any ideas?


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It used to be the servant of cthulhu, but servant of cthulhu has been pushed forward because of two new entries and is now 488, one of those new entries in the princess npc and the other is why I made this thread.

Greystillbrynns III

Skeletron Prime
oh i guess the wiki needs to be updated, i see, hmmm was your world 100% unlocked before just wondering
since when was the martian saucer a boss? did you do all the events with their minibosses? might be the ice queen.
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