Weapons & Equip New Pouches?


Skeletron Prime
More types of endless musket pouches, which are crafted by:
2 endless musket pouches
4 stacks of whatever that bullet type is
2 stacks of empty bullets
1 soul from each mechanical boss
1 of each Celestial Fragment

(Ex: Endless Crystal Pouch: 2 endless musket pouches, 4 stacks of crystal bullets, 2 stacks of empty bullets, Soul of Fright, Might, Sight, Celestial Fragments)
That's a very unnecessarily expensive recipe. I can understand locking it behind the Lunar Event, but why 2 pouches, 2 stacks of empty bullets, and the boss souls? I think 1 pouch, 2 stacks of the bullet type, 3 of each fragment, and, say, 10 Luminite is a better recipe.
Support for the idea of endless pouches and quivers. No support for the recipe.
Imo the recipe should be like this:
4 stacks of the bullets/arrows.
1 luminite. Either the bar or the ore could be used to craft. (Some ppl don’t leave any ore.)
1 of each fragment.
At a ancient manipulator.
I personally would like it if the endless musket pouch+arrow quiver simply removed arrows and bullets from all recipes for ammo types that require them.
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