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**REPORTED** No Jungle Temple generated on the "dontdigup" Remix Seed


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World was generated on, with the "dontdigup" seed on an ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine

Upon analysis with TerraMap, there is no Jungle Temple at all. The wiki states it should spawn at the surface jungle biome, but this area overlaps with a Crimson surface biome with 2 large caves.

Can provide wld file if necessary, high possibility of user stupidity.

Image contained: The wld file viewed in TerraMap, containing the entire Jungle area.



Brain of Cthulhu
Welcome to the forums cyaho!
In this seed, the Jungle Temple can generate anywhere on the surface. Please check the surface of the whole world to confirm if there is a Temple. If no Temple is found, please attach a copy of your world file. (If the forums says the file is too big, you can put it in a ZIP file.) Thanks!


I've given it a scan, maybe I've missed it in tiredness but we are decently into hardmode and the surface has been pretty explored.


  • Sludgeland.wld
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- Fixed an extremely rare issue with the Jungle Temple not generating on Remix/Everything Seed

Thanks for the fix in :D Happy to be extremely rare.
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