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NPCs not selling pylon


Merchant + Guide + Nurse in Forest together would not be enough for a Pylon.

Merchant likes Forest, so that gives a bonus, and Merchant likes Nurse, but he does not "love" either. He is neutral on the Guide, and he gains no space bonus with 3 NPCs.

So 2x Likes and no space bonus is not enough to get a Pylon.

The rounding issue (that I mentioned before) is what's making it a 90% discount, as 2x likes SHOULD be more than 90%, but it wouldn't be the required 85% for him to be selling a Pylon anyway.

How on EARTH do any of you think this system is good? It is clearly F***ing terrible! Everyone hates it and it is *barely* workable!

Maybe you should all just TELL US the one possible way of building a town so that the whole thing is hardcoded and you cannot move them into anywhere else.



NPCs do not recognize the biome they are in, I know because before I get the same message that appears about the biome they like wherever it is, even the biome they say


so anyone in 2021 that figured out the npc combos? cant seem to properly get my forest biome on pc but on mobile (1.4) the zoologist and the guide doest work
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