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  1. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    A new magic weapon that is sold by the party girl for 75 Gold Coins after all 3 mechanical bosses have been slain. I'd be surprised if your even reading the text at the top, most people just skip it and complain about the information that they didn't read. Thanks for standing out and reading it.

    [​IMG]Thanky You @BryTheGamer
    Party Sparkler
    40 Damage
    Insanely Fast
    4 Mana
    Average Knockback

    The party sparkler is a simple but unique weapon that fires 3-5 'sparklers', which look like different colored firework-type orbs that have a colorful trailing effect, each with a different, special property. When used, the fireworks will be shot out in very inconsistent formation at high speeds. It is relatively short ranged, at a maximum of 30 blocks and a minimum of 10. When the sparklers hit an enemy, solid block, or reach their randomized maximum distance, being between 15-30 blocks, they will explode in a beautiful firework display, and deal out whatever their property is. Of course, some rockets have more damage or farther distance, which is added on to pre-existing basic stats described above.

    Firework Properties

    Pink Firework : Explodes into a heart shaped firework that does 4 extra damage

    Red Firework : Inflicts On Fire! to all enemies within its radius

    Orange Firework : Knocks enemies back from the firework was shot

    Marigold Firework : Inflicts Ichorto all enemies within its radius

    Yellow Firework : Curls off and spins around

    Chartreuse Firework
    : Inflicts Cursed Inferno to all enemies within its radius

    Green Firework : Larger than the other fireworks

    Cyan Firework : Inflicts Frostburn to all enemies within its radius

    Blue Firework : Fly much farther than other fireworks

    Purple Firework : Suck enemies towards it like a vortex

    Rare Fireworks (about 1/15)

    White Firework
    : Does 35 extra damage to all enemies within its radius

    Gold Firework : Inflicts Midas on all enemies within its radius

    Brown Firework : Splits into 6 smaller ones that spiral off, doing the same damage

    Celeste Firework : Heals the player for 15 health per enemy in it's radius

    Violet Firework : Inflicts Venom on all enemies within its radius

    Teal Firework : Inflicts frozen on all enemies within its radius

    Velvet Firework : Creates a huge explosion doing 50 damage to all in its radius

    Helix Firework : Drops a heart and a mana star on contact with anything

    Lavender Firework : Inflicts shadow flame and shoots 3 FoF-like projectiles

    Gray Firework : Inflicts weakness on all enemies in its radius

    Maroon Firework : Inflicts bleeding on all enemies in its radius.

    Fuchsia Firework : Does 50 extra damage and inflicts the love debuff on all enemies in its radius.

    Olive Firework : Does 50 extra damage and inflicts the stinky debuff on all enemies in its radius.

    Black Firework : Homes in on enemies.

    Rainbow Firework : Does ridiculous damage and fires off sparkly shrapnel.


    Very fast firing speed
    Extremely low mana cost
    Huge projectile AOE
    Many kinds of firework effects
    Incredibly inaccurate
    Very low damage
    Can blind your view
    Unpredictable effects

    Thank you for reading my thread!

    If you would like to, suggest your own firework ideas!​
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  2. Pseudoname

    Pseudoname Terrarian

    surprise! :)

    first reply, I read the text

    now to reply to the idea itself...partygirl iirc only sells useless items, it'd probably be a cosmetic spell(but a cool one)
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  3. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Yeah, sorta the reason why I wanted to give her this item. She's usually worthless. This gives her a purpose, like how you visit wizard for important items like spell tomes.
  4. El Rubio

    El Rubio Terrarian

    Adding some cool effects would be:
    -Instead of being too inaccurate this weapon could shoot some of those fireworks in a dizzy/looping/ path, making those ones more inaccurate but not the rest (the clue is making it less inaccurate, as you thought it for being a post mech weapon and should be better in some way then the laser riffle and a different choose between the crystal storm and this one)
    -Adding a firework exploding effect on impact that cause damage (similar to explosive bullets) as there isn't any of this explosive magical weapon (it could also not harm the player). If it is so, the high fire rate and AOE made this weapon too OP, so less firing rate could make it a fancy weapon.
    -Instead of being sold by the party girl it could be crafted using each kind of rocket sold by the party girl and illegal gun parts (this idea is cool but maybe too different from your original idea, gonna think on it and create a post).
    This ideas are meant to be independent from each other, and most of them are nearly incompatible.
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  5. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit


    Made fireworks dish out special properties.
  6. jetace97

    jetace97 Terrarian

    Gold firework that inflicts Midas
  7. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Nice idea. :)
  8. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Wow. It's much better now that you added these effects! Honestly, I was a bit upset about the self-promotion on my thread, but now I definitely don't regret adding this! One thing: Maybe Chartreuse could inflict Cursed Inferno, since it's an actual fire effect and makes more sense. Then we could make the Orange Fireworks a bit more red-orange in their color, and then have new Marigold ones that inflict Ichor. And finally, how about a Brown firework that splits into 8 smaller fireworks?
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  9. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Thanks for the ideas! (And sorry about being a self-promoting :red:) Speaking of which, if anyone else has any ideas for new fireworks, please suggest them!
  10. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Orchid: Inflicts Venom
    Jonquil or Maize: Inflicts Ichor
    Celeste or Powder blue: Has a life steal effect.
    I'll think of some more.
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  11. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Okay, let me just say that this should probably be post-Plantera. Just my opinion.

    (And you don't really have to be sorry)

    EDIT: By marigold I meant this.
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  12. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    Would they hurt you?
  13. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Nope. :L
  14. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    Ok good then support
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  15. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    how about teal that inflicts frozen/chilled? or a light blue.
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  16. Nutella Fairy

    Nutella Fairy Skeletron Prime

    A Velvet firework that explodes!
  17. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    Do you need somebody to make sprites for this?
  18. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Yeah, that would be pretty cool!
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  19. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    How about a blue and red Helix firework that drops a heart and blue mana star on hit?
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  20. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    This is absolutely brilliant! I have a suggestion: what about an Olive-Green firework that inflicts the poisoned debuff?
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