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Other Art PAXOL Plaza

What have you been calling PAXOL all this time?

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This thread is still under construction, but by all means let loose and post whatever you can.

Welcome to PAXOL Plaza!

Here, all followers of PAXOL shall gather, and unto the world, we shall release a gift which will make generations to come lift their brows in confusion and ask themselves the question "What the :red: is this?"

So you might ask: What is PAXOL?
Well, my dear DECIPOL of PAXOL, PAXOL Originated at first from this one art-stream which @Szaila hosted.
She paused for some seconds and the chat asked if she was dead yet.
She promptly replied with this message.
Stream - PAXEL.png
In which the chat was greatly satisfied with.
The name comes from the fact that PAXOL resembled @Pixel, another fellow member of the forum. As he resembled, but wasn't quite like his lookalike, he got warped verison of the name Pixel.
From there, it spiralled out of controll and Szaila continued on with the joke by drawing various scenarious which involved PAXOL. Some of them being these.
Stream - PAXEL x Loki.png Stream - PAXEL x Cenx.png

Now PAXOL is considered as a meme exclusive to this forum and somehow manages to infest even the most innocent of things and pictures. He has skilled artists his ways of getting into even the most unsuspecting of pictures.

This thread is dedicated to gather all of the PAXOL artwork and edits we can find. If you make something -- anything which has something to do with PAXOL, don't hesitate to post it here so we can all gush over your masterpiece.

This is the original file for PAXOL
Stream - PAXEL nowriting.png

Do your worst.

Now spread the word about our great Lord and saviour; PAXOL.
PAXEL - Share the love.png

Share the love!
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Because I made one.

Pax0l ate Snoop Dogg and took his hat.


All my yes, This is the best thing ever, I'll be back with my Pax0lz
Feel free to use it however you please
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Official Terrarian
Here's my Pax0l poem.

The Pax0l creeps along
Humming some song
Infecting one and all
The diseased fall
A family, town, city
Oh what a pity
Everywhere it goes
Ending all foes
Deaths in droves
Buried in shallow groves
For none can weather
This hellish tether
Known as Pax0l
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