Standalone [PC] A console commands mod!

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  1. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    Firstly: its a console mod for windows, not console.



    1) Not compatible with mac or linux etc.

    2) For any help requests, list of commands, ideas we have a discord:

    3) Already patched with tmodloader.

    4) Press P ingame and open console to write commands

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  2. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    Im now trying to make console live, not only by pressing P
  3. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    Hmm, progress...
  4. VoidX

    VoidX Terrarian

    Can you make it without TML? It will great.
  5. Errorlesswand890

    Errorlesswand890 Plantera

    Right not I'm in a place with no wifi for my laptop so I can't download this mod, but can you make a list of commands so I can see if this is worth it or not. BTW if you have any sort of spawnmob like commands are they able to spawn more than one town npc at a time
  6. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    Yes, but much work... And, why not tml?
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    I think i can make some summon commands
  7. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    What are the current commands?
  8. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    Hmm... They're in the discord server, but take it.
    Give [ItemID] - Gives you 1 item by id
    GiveAmt [ItemID] [Amount] - Gives you [Amount] items by [ItemID]
    Buff [BuffID] [Time] - Gives you buff with a [BuffID] for a [Time] seconds
    Time [Time] - Manipulate with day/night
    Mana [HealingValue] - gives mana buff with a [HealingValue] healing value
    Heal [HealingValue] - gives health buff with a [HealingValue] healing value
    TimeNow - Prints current time into console
    god - Toggles godmode
    InfWing - Toggles infinity wings mod
    GrabSun - Toggles mode, when you can grab sun ingame now, doesnt work properly, but... anyways fun :)
    crypt [Text] - Crypts a [Text] by my crypt method(изменено)
    decrypt [Text] - Decrypts a [Text] by my crypt method(изменено)
    UseTime [Frames] - usetime of item in frames
    ReUseDelay [Frames] - reuse delay in frames
    Tile [TileID] - Makes item place tile by id on use
    Wall [WallID] - Makes item place wall by id on use
    Defence [Value] - Makes item add [Value] of defence, when equpped(изменено)
    UsesMana [Value] - Makes item use [Value] of mana, when used
    AddsMana [Value] - Makes item add [Value] of max mana, when equped
    HealsMana [Value] - Makes item heal [Value] of mana, when used
    autouse [bool] - Makes item auto reuse, when used(изменено)
    acessory [bool] - Makes item acessory(изменено)

    potion [bool] - Makes item potion
    melee [bool] - Makes item melee
    thrown [bool] - Makes item thrown
    nomelee [bool] - Makes item nomelee
    usestyle [Value] - Makes item's usestyle to [Value]
    damage [Value] - Makes item's damage to [Value]
    knockback [Value] - Makes item's knockback to [Value]
    Proj [ProjectileID] - Makes item's shooting projectile to [ProjectileID]
    Ammo [ItemID] - Makes item use [ItemID] as ammo, set to 0 for no ammo using
    Hammer [Power] - makes item have [Power] hammer power
    Axe [Power] - makes item have [Power] Axe power
    Pick [Power] - makes item have [Power] pick power
    ProjSpeed [Speed] - makes item have [Speed] projectile speed
    scale [Scale] - makes item have [Scale] scale
    tp [x] [y] - teleports you
    animTime [Frames] - makes item animation time to [Frames]
    Vanity [bool] - makes your item vanity(изменено)
    info - info about item

    map - reveals the whole map
    infreach - infinitie reach on tools, blocks, etc
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  9. artemking4

    artemking4 Terrarian

    also, that version is outdated, download anything on discord
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    imm also gonna make it vanilla