tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

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    Votes: 131 72.0%
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    Votes: 37 20.3%
  • Nah, needs very much work.

    Votes: 12 6.6%
  • No, give up.

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As @Blockaroz said, we didn't do anything for long. Which is probably my fault, I'm not a good team leader. Anyway, this mod is dead, however the bosses might be moved to my mod EchosBosses, where they will be post-Moonlord challenge fights, without spawning ores and just dropping powerful weapons. However this probably won't happen soon, as terraria got rather boring for me. So, summing up, this is dead and might possibly be kind of revived in another form

Looks great! keep it up!

pls,there isnt is a reason to comments something like that when the mod is announced to be dead
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