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tModLoader Persistent Names


Hey, has Maurice/Darryl/Demetrius mentioned needing to go to the doctor for any reason? Just wondering.

Really, nurse? You move on to the next guy that quickly?​
Introducing Persistent Names
When an NPC respawns, they almost always have a different name. This not only breaks some lore, but also makes your town seem temporary. By the end of a normal game, it is likely that every citizen of your town has changed names at least once due to death unfortunate circumstances. This is where Persistent Names comes in.

Persistent Names is a mod that makes town NPCs always arrive with the same name. For example, if Andrew the Guide dies, he comes back as Andrew the Guide. Then the wall of flesh has him for breakfast, and he comes back as Andrew the Guide.

The mod is simple, but it can give your town a feeling of permanence.

The best part? It works with every other mod already. Your Calamity town NPCs will keep their names and your custom mod's NPCs will keep their names. Don't like it? Just disable the mod, and NPCs will have new names when they respawn, use the blacklist feature in the mod's config to block it from changing a name, or use the simple integration API to make your mod compatible the way you like it.

Oh, and the mod is super tiny (33kb) and open source (MPL-2.0).

So, where do I get this thing?
Glad you asked. You can download it from:
Also, you can talk to me on Discord! Join the Stonework Rose Cafe Discord Server! (Use the Persistent Names Category)

You mentioned a modding API?
Yep! You can use either Weak References or Mod.Call. Check out the documentation on Github: RonanFinley/PersistentNames

this thread is not monitored by me and thus is not a great place to get help or make bug reports. Please use the Issues tab on Github or #pn-general on Discord
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