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Pillager Invasion /Minecraft


"The pillagers have arrived"

Han venido a robarnos mas ideas para su juego :eek: ...

Este pack edita técnicamente todo lo referido al ejercito de duendes
y ciertas cosas mas, siendo su mayor atractivo ¡Los Pillagers! (Los Hmm... malos)

Miralo... , todo cuadrado y con su gran nariz :confused:

Sin título.png

El guerrero
Capture 2020-08-15 22_00_11.png

El arquero
Capture 2020-08-15 21_56_11.png

El invocador/El mago
Capture 2020-08-15 21_57_55.png

El viajero

Capture 2020-08-16 12_53_36.png

Un par de banners, hay otros mas...
Capture 2020-08-16 12_55_58.png

El duende chapucero
Capture 2020-08-16 13_15_29.png

El taller de chapuzas

Capture 2020-08-16 13_16_15.png

El link de descarga: Pillager Invasion.zip

Project #2​
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big boss


They have come to steal more ideas for their game: eek: ...
no: D

This pack technically edits everything related to the goblin army
and certain things more, being its main attraction The Pillagers! (Hmm ... bad ones)

Look at him ..., all square and with his big nose: confused:

The warrior

The archer

The Summoner / The Wizard

The traveler

A couple of banners, there are more ...

The sloppy goblin

The botch workshop

Download link: Pillager Invasion.zip
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