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Pillar ascessories


Other than wings, the lunar events or anything past the moment after golem provide 0 ascessories. Lets make pillar ones!
Crafted with 12 solar fragments at an aincent manipulator.
When worn, these leave a fire trail behind you, even in midair! The trail gives knockback and inflicts daybroken, but does no damage itself.
Crafted with 12 stardust fragments
When worn, Enimies with debuff immunities get the debuffs anyway! This does not work with confusion.
Thats all for now, but I'll add nebula and vortex ones later.

Lord Garak

The problem is, your accessory slots are already full by this point. There's really no room for many useful accessories as is, much less even more to clog up that space.


To go against the comments, the martians free up 2 slots most charachters have: Wings and boots
It seems like an ok time.
OK I know as a mod user I can't really talk given my rather abundant accessory slots butt I rather like the idea of bypassing debuff immunity
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