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PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R - an introduction explaining my absence on the TerrariaOnline forums.

PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
Hello, everybody. My name is PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R and although I am new to this forum entirely, I have been in existence for quite a long time. You see, when it comes to Terraria, I was more interested in actually playing the game than relaxing and talking about whatever. My journey started rather roughly, during 1.1.2, because of several factors:
1: I was still used to Minecraft.
2: That meant I still thought I could punch blocks to break them, and thought that Pickaxes weren't meant for dirt blocks, and it also meant I thought that you could place blocks with right-click.
3: On top of all of that, I spawned at the worst possible place - at the side of a very steep cliff - steep enough to not be able to jump over to the next layer.

Anyway, I started off talking to the Guide - "So at least Terraria has a guide I can rely on, unlike Minecraft, where you have to always have to have the Wiki open." - I thought, but as I was chatting away with him, I didn't realise until 2 Terraria hours before night-time that the text was continuously looping over and over, and there was so much, as well as the fact that auto-pause was set to off - that was brutal to my experience. I panicked, and tried to get to the top of the cliff, because if I fell down, I would have suffered alot of fall damage. So I attempted to mine the dirt, and eventually did, and got to the top. I started to cut down some trees and started to work on my house. As all first houses, it was extremely poorly designed, with wonky floors and ceilings, and I ran out of wood, so I had to use dirt. But by that time I had run out of building materials and night fell. So then you know what happened next... "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R got impaled by Zombie."

Annoyed at my terrible luck with the RNG, I created a new world. This one treated me alot nicer, with a flat landscape, pretty much the opposite of my starting world. I built a slightly less wonky house and successfully managed to complete it so I could head out exploring for once. Exploring was a thrill to do. Finding random pots to smash and vines to cut and chests to loot, and that's where I found my Superior Spear. Soon night fell on my world, and I was so happy to find that my Superior Spear was highly effective against the Zombies and Demon Eyes, with the piercing and multiple hitting I felt invincible. I kept on exploring in the night, brutally impaling the Zombies that impaled me, in search for more loot. By that time I was being thrilled by the game, and then I encountered the Corruption.

My first thought of the Corruption was, "What is this strange place with fancy purple grass, and stone?" I tried to mine the Ebonstone, not realising that it wouldn't break with my Copper Pickaxe, continued to attempt to mine it. Until the first monster spawned. I was terrified by the sight of an Eater of Souls, but faced it anyway. I lunged my Spear at it, and missed, causing it to damage me. I ran as fast as I could manage, and that wasn't very fast. Soon, "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R was eviscerated by Eater of Souls."

Which brings me to the mining phase. I looked around for a decent cave and entered it. Mining was a different experience altogether compared to exploring, my first night, and the Corruption. A bit like a combination of all three of those. The danger of the Corruption, a new experience from my first night, and the thrill of finding loot from exploring the surface. And now it's edit time! Sorry for being lazy and not being bothered to type anything else, but here is some more! The enemies and obstacles were nice and challenging to face. Until I find my first Heart Crystal. That was probably the peak of excitement for that early beginner phase. The satisfaction of getting tougher without spending resources on armor was awesome. However, I actually jumped when I saw that Dart Trap you thought wasn't there that shot a dart at me, resulting in my death. "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R was slain by Poison Dart."

When I found the underground loot, there was that sense of finally progressing through the game. The Hermes Boots and the Magic Mirror made it all more better for me, with the running speed, and the instant teleportation back home. I also went to look for Floating Islands, having heard about them on the Wiki, with the abundance of ore, and decided to look for them. I made a pillar of dirt and stone and kept going higher and higher and higher until the screen started to get darker. I thought "What? The Sun is high in the sky and it's getting darker! Nooooo!" I soon realised that I was getting to Space, so that calmed me down. The higher jumping meant well for me as well. I started to make a Skybridge to the left, while fending off Harpies. Unfortunately the Harpies were too much for me to handle, and I died. Again. "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R was brutally dissected by Harpy Feather."

I tried again, and again, and again, failing multiple times, when I finally got to a Floating Island. Then I started to cheer. I slightly saddened when I was the locked Gold Chest, but the upside is that I had lots of Gold and Silver, and it's all mine! Well, until 1.2 came and nerfed the Floating Island's monetary value. But until then, I closed off the shaft I was making, to keep out the Harpies. It felt so exciting to mine that gold that's been hiding from me for so long. I would have to come back later with a Golden Key for the chest, but for now, I mined some more Gold, and made a Pickaxe and Bow and Sword with it. I also eventually got some Silver Armor (with Gold Greaves), and took on The Corruption.

The Corruption wasn't as hard to face with my Golden Bow and Armor. They made short work of the Eaters of Souls, as well as the Devourers, because Flaming Arrows, and I wasn't taking as much damage as I did when I stumbled upon it for the first time. I also had a Grappling Hook to protect me from the shaft's drops. I went down a shaft, and explored the horizontal shaft. The sight of the Horizontal shaft made me think that the Corruption was worth the risk to visit. With Demonite Ore, and occasional Chests, as well as more Life Crystals, and with the more narrow space, leaving less room for Eaters of Souls, was great. Then my eyes set on the Demon Altars. "Why are these things all over the place, and what are they for? I'm going to break one and see what I can use them for in crafting." was my next thought.

Now for the experience with them. I got out my pickaxe, and attempted to mine it. The pickaxe was ineffective, because I figured out that Demon Altars are a background object, and a Hammer must be used on them. I had a Wooden Hammer on me, and attempted to use it to smash it. However, my surprise and shock to an inanimate object doing over 100 damage to me was enormous. I backed away from my Hammer, and the Demon Altars, and continued to mine Demonite. After it was all mined, I turned my attention to the Shadow Orbs deep inside the chasm. I wasn't able to mine the Ebonstone - It was too hard. And I couldn't have used Purification Powder because I haven't battled the Eye of Cthulhu, or any other boss, yet. And I never even thought on using bombs, so I just left the Corruption and then pondered on what to make with my Demonite (I had enough for the Demon Bow and the Light's Bane).

Seeing the not-so-plain Light's Bane and Demon Altar, able to be crafted, was another uplifting sense of progression. Seeing those fancier names and better-looking sprites was bound to create that same feeling in you too, I think. I decided on a Demon Bow to craft. The prefix was Ruthless - I was dissapointed in the knockback reduction, but I remembered that it was an improvement from the Gold Bow anyway, and thus, I didn't care. after that. I thought on what to do next - because I didn't have many options available to me. (Haven't found the Jungle, or Dungeon yet) Then I noticed the Suspicious Looking Eye in my inventory. I stared at the tooltip. "Summons the Eye of Cthulhu". I didn't know what a Cthulhu was, or who, for that matter, and I surely didn't know how to pronounce it either. (Later on I learned it's pronunciation, but I can't really type it out here because if you think about it, it's pronounced just how it's spelt.)
But the point is, I felt like fighting the Eye of Cthulhu, with my new Demon Bow and all.

I went out to a clearing and made sure there weren't any NPC's around to get hurt by whatever I may be summoning. (I didn't look it up in the Wiki yet.) Then I waited for Night. And that took a while. Eventually the Moon started to rise. I grabbed hold of the Suspicious Looking Eye and used it. The noise for summoning and the Boss 1 theme - yet again another experience to remember. Those particular experiences made the adrenaline flow throughout my body. And if the "summoning" roar wasn't enough, the boss theme was. I was ready for the battle! Then I realised... "Holy crap! This thing has 2800 HP and I only have 240!" I watched as it rose from the ground and showed itself to me. The difference in HP may have been massive, (well at that stage, anyway) I was determined to defeat it.

Turns out the Eye of Cthulhu didn't do much. (after all, it is the first boss people usually fight) All it did was summon Servants of Cthulhu and made occasional charges for me, with moderate damage. He still had alot of health, and I was shooting my Demon Bow as fast as I could, in an attempt to wear him down. Soon I realised how much time has passed without me taking that much damage. I was defeating it! Well, until it transformed into it's second form. Which was rather horrifying at first. Now I had to deal with no more servants - but now the increased damage and increased aggressiveness. It was now on 1000 HP, and it started to dish out some serious damage to me. I consumed a Lesser Healing Potion, which helped me out a bit. I was now closer and closer to defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, and it was closer and closer to defeating me. Soon I had just over 20 HP left. The eye had about 200 HP now. It made another lunge for me, leaving me at less than 5 HP. The eye had almost won. It was about to take it's final lunge at me before brutally devouring my character, when I shot the final arrow, which made the Eye of Cthulhu explode into several dozen fragments.

I supposed you're all bored or thrilled by my life story of Terraria right now, so I'll skip to the part where I get to Hardmode. (If you really do want to hear more of my early-game story, and there are quite a few interesting moments there, please let me know.)

Fighting the Wall of Flesh was easier for me, because I had to get items from a friend because I felt too lazy to craft my own armor. (I'm sure you've all done this stuff before, don't laugh at this and yell out "NOOB!!!", because I'm not). Which was a Nightmare Pickaxe, Adamantite Armor with the Headgear, and some Angel Wings. I created a hellbridge, like I've seen done before, and took him on. I repeatedly spammed my Demon Scythe, ran out of mana, and spammed my Dark Lance until my mana regenerated so I could Spam the Demon Scythe some more. Anyway, he died, and I have officially started Hardmode! Yaaaayyyyyy! ...Not. "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R was chopped up by Wraith."

At first, I never really defeated that Hardmode bosses. Not any of them. That part's for when I started another survival to re-experience this whole feeling of "being a noob" again. That's why I'm typing all of this out for you. You're probably bored with that Beetle Armor with the Shell and murdering and destroying everything with your Legendary Terra Blade, am I right? (If you're Ranged, Mage, or a Summoner, just replace those armors and weapons with their equivalents of that class.) Anyway, I'll tell you all of my first experience of the Hallow, and what a wonderful one it was. It was sparkling clean and bright, full of pixies and unicorns and happy things. But I visited it just before nightfall, that first time, and nearly was chopped up by the Pink Lasers and Gastropods. I'll fast-forward a bit past the bits where I encountered the Underground Corruption and Hallow, and the experience of trying to stop the Corruption for the Hallow, because that's too long. I'll go to the part where I have a Dao of Pow and I'm ready to tackle the Destroyer. It was a rather saddening experience. Being surrounded by that thing and having it shooting lasers at me was terrible. I'm not even going to bother with a sample death message, because that death was the worst of them all. And that's when I started looking for a multiplayer server.

When I found a suitable server, I observed what features it had, and I found a chest with craptons of end-tier things. Legendary Excalibur, Mythical Crystal Storm, Unreal Megashark, all of the end-tier gear at 1.1.2. That was the most awesome experience I ever had. But then I was going to have to cope with the guilt of stealing. "Oh well", I thought. I was then knocked away from the chest by a Demon Eye and murdered it instantly with the Excalibur. I reopened the chest, finding there were duplicates of everything I stole, or more likely now, took, and thought "Yay, now I get the items and they get to keep them too!". But that chest didn't have every item. I got out the wiki (Hey, I know I mentioned that a Wiki was not needed, but that was just for basics. This is more complex stuff.) So I left the server, looking for another. I found another one which looked promising, and after reading the signs at spawn (everyone should do that...), I observed that the server had nightly boss spawns, and to type /arena to get there. I did, and tried out each and every one of my new end-tier items on them. Even if I died alot, others died alot, too. And they had LOTS more money with them than I did, I thought, while stealing all of their Platinum coins, and placed them in the nearby Piggy Bank. Over the course of the time spent on that server, I ninja-looted enough souls and mined enough Hardmode ore back on my Singleplayer world to craft, eventually all, the endgame items. I was unstoppable now! Muahahahaha... Not. "PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R's face was torn off by Skeletron Prime." (It was daytime.)

Having enough items, I set off for more servers to look for, because that server really didn't appease me socially. I eventually found the server which I stuck to for about 1 1/2 years. When I first got there, I registered and logged in, and was trolled a bit by the regulars there, by doing certain warps to pits of lava and spikes. But out of those came an upside, for I have learnt how to use the /warp command without asking a higher rank! There was a promotion there where you could earn a higher rank for free, and it was normally paid for. That rank allowed building, and certain other commands that I got the hang of after a while. So I decided to take it, as it would end that day. I was very pleased with myself for doing that, and it ended up to be my favorite server, because we could spawn in items whenever we wanted. I ended up making good friends there, and managed to befriend a couple of the Staff ranks, one of them I got the attention of by simply killing him in PvP, because he was awesome at it, and telling them that I was the only person to land a kill on him, which made me feel really proud, thinking that I could actually be good at this game and cheat at it at the same time lol. He also taught me how to PvP even better than I usually did, with the usage of Gravitation Potions (Which I can no longer use now, because the screen flips... Why they were changed in the first place when 1.2 was released was - and still is - a mystery.), and Magic Power Potions, and Mana regeneration potions, and a few others.

As my status in PvP started to rise, and the knowledge that I was a good PvPer came to the other players. One of them told me they were scared to see me swooping down and nailing them with my Laser Rifle when they thought they were safe. A few weeks later, the owner was handing out promotions to the players and staff, and I was one of the fortunate ones to receive the Moderator rank. The experience of this was beyond awesome. Like, freaking amazing. It felt epic to be chosen by the owner of the server to become one of their trusted members. To be able to do things I normally wouldn't be able to, to have a slap-fest with the other moderators for ridiculous damage values... Probably that last one wasn't the wisest to do, as we were told to stop, or else we might get demoted. So that's when I started to become more serious about all this. My grammar and punctuation started to improve from that day (If that didn't happen, this introduction would have terrible grammar... Think about it).

A few months after that, I was selected again to rise another rank, up to Operator. That's the highest I got in the server. How it felt, you ask? The same as it felt to be chosen as Moderator, only awesomer. I was able to use World edit (although I never really got the hang of it, but at least I could use //flood). Then I started to build an incredibly massive underground mansion, which was a combo of Glowing Mushroom grass, Mythril Ore, and Cobalt Ore. For the walls I used Mythril and Cobalt Bricks, back when the textures weren't changed. It expanded for hundreds of blocks, but up-down, and left-right, mostly left-right. when the main part was finally done, I also added artificial Corruption, Hallow, Mushroom and Jungle biomes. I spent many happy months partying in that base with all of my friends - both members I trusted and staff. I learned about more of the Operator commands, and then comes 1.2, which caused a freaking explosion in Terraria activity by all people!

EDIT: Okay, time for my experiences of 1.2. So, *breathes deeply* I shall begin.
At first, I went on TerrariaOne (The server I mentioned previously - but anonymously, that I went on and relied on for my items), and after watching and seeing countless spoilers and videos, I failed to be able to recall the names of any weapons or items. I was irritated then, I thought to myself "Plasma, THINK HARDER! What is the name of an item you really craved the moment you saw it?" Then I thought "Shadowbeam Staff!" So I spawned on in. Unfortunately, the Shadowbeam Staff wasn't useable by me, or anyone because of a TShock bug. Dammit. So I thought some more. Then the True Night's Edge came to mind. I then figured out there was a True Excalibur as well, so I spawned both in. The damage was impressive, but the projectiles felt a bit out-of-place. (I mean the idea of projectiles coming out of swords, not the projectiles themselves)

And then there was the nerf to Gravitation Potions. This was the worst, and I still loathe this decision made to this day. Then there was my observation of The Axe, which was annoying as hell to hear, with all of those new players abusing them. That almost did my head in. I went somewhere else on the map, and by luck, I came across Red's Wings and armor. I spawned them all in and put them on. Red's Wings was my greatest discovery, and completely negated my hatred for 1.2. I spawned in a Golden Shower, and then spawned some bosses for items. That way I came across the Heat Ray and the Leaf Blower (I was mainly a Magic User then), which were complete awesome to use. The lack of mana usage came with the cost of an ugly canister on my back, but I didn't mind that much.

Soon the Wiki updated with all the 1.2 items and accessories. I discovered the Life Fruit, the Inferno Fork, the Poison Staff, the Spectre Armor, the Ankh Shield, along with every other Magic-related item, and then I tried to PvP. PvPing was awful. The removal of double damage and the abundance of overpowered items that the other classes obtained was brutal to me. They brutally murdered and destroyed me with Sniper Rifles, and Shroomite Armor, because Spectre Armor doesn't even heal you in PvP. I tried to use Shadowbeam Staff, but it wasn't much of a help. I hoped Gravitation Potions would save me, for Red's Wings and Armor were banned at this time, causing the debuffs, but whenever I flipped, my aim flipped, resulting in my shooting to be flipped. I was going to have to wait until they fixed PvP.

And that concludes my introduction so far, because that is all I have time for. I'll still continue to add things to my intro (there's alot to go through here). I'm still new to the forums, and I'm still finding my way around places, with all of those subforums to look out for, it's going to be a bit challenging but enjoyable, because I like finding things out myself without asking others. And now comes the real reason to why I'm posting this - I'm planning to participate in the TCF Halloween contest. I still have the image of my build to sort out, but I'm sure that's being taken care of. EDIT: It's done! :D http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/2014-relogic-terraria-halloween-contest-entry-thread.1979/page-13 . Anyway, this closes my introduction, I'm sure you've enjoyed reading all that, unless you skipped straight to the end, well in that case, thanks for being ignorant and read through it all before you comment here! (I'll forgive you, don't worry.) It's just, I like to type alot. Well, this is the end of my intro, please tell me what you think of it. :D
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PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
You... You skipped almost all of your 1.2 experience :(

Oh well, welcome to TCF.
I'll get around to my 1.2 experience when I can get my hands on some more time. I still have to get my entry for the Halloween contest sorted out, I might have it posted here I one or two days, I'm on my iPhone now, I can't type as fast on it.


The Painter
I'll get around to my 1.2 experience when I can get my hands on some more time. I still have to get my entry for the Halloween contest sorted out, I might have it posted here I one or two days, I'm on my iPhone now, I can't type as fast on it.
I believe today is the deadline, so hurry up! That's what I'm doing.


Welcome to TCF Plasma!
I am pretty sure you will find the community fun and willing to befriend you!
As for you skipping tiers... I really want to call you a noob and you deserve to be called a noob, but I won't.

So far I have only one complain:
Its so damn long for a simple introduction... x_x
But good none the less :)


Pixel Pirate
Thank God, I thought you were a spambot when I first saw the title
Anyways, interesting story. Looking forward to seeing more :)

PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
If I included every experience, including 1.2, this introduction should be twice it's current length, even more perhaps. Because I left out a few details (My first Boss fight with the EoC, my thoughts on the Dungeon and Jungle, And on the Underworld, finding Shadow Chests.) Not to mention the experiences of the Underground Hallow and Corruption, and what it felt like to destroy those Demon Altars that tried to destroy me, and the swarm of Wraiths that just wouldn't go away when I went on an altar-smashing spree. The point is, there's still alot left out, including what happened to that server where I went on most of the time.


Skeletron Prime
to answer why gravity potions were changed, Relogic has confirmed that it was a conscious effort by the developers to nerf them without changing the function (you have to recognize they were OP) well welcome to the forums

PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
It doesn't explain why console versions have the option to change their settings so the screen doesn't flip, however. I see your point, they are overpowered, it's just, why the console version gets privileged with the non-screen flip is beyond me.

PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
Thank you. I'm still lurking around the forums here and there, and keeping up-to-date with the spoilers, or whatever else, and the winners of the TCF Halloween contest. Shame I didn't win. Oh well, at least I tried.

PL45M4 D3V45T4T0R

Headless Horseman
Thanks, everyone. Hope you all gave that wall of text a nice and clean read. c:

It would be a shame for it to be completely forgotten. P:

(Curse me, and my lazy replies.)
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