PC Plantera's Bulb ??

Discussion in 'PC In-Game Support' started by RenTed, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. RenTed

    RenTed Terrarian

    Ok, i was wondering how long i need to wait until a Platera's Bulb Spawn. I've kiled all 3 Mecanicals Boss, i got the little warning "Jungle something" in Green.

    I used the MoreTerra for have a look at my Jungle Maps to find the Bulb ASAP and none is there.

    Thx for the answer.
  2. kilozombie

    kilozombie Terrarian

    They are plants. Plants gotta grow!

    Give it a little time. About 1 spawns per ingame day, and there's a cap of ~10.