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How many hours do you have in Terraria?

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I have about 8 days of game time, but just 215 regular hours But that's still a lot as I've been playing since form May of 2017. So I've pretty much no-lifed this game for the past 2 months lol.
Been playing since launch, well my earliest screen shot is 21 May, 2011...
347 Hours on Steam
143 Hours on 3DS
I like to explore the most, but that gets boring after awile.
I try to build, doesn't work our most of the time...
Wiring is mostly straightforward, but I don't use it practically.

So I guess I'm a bit of everything?

1374 hours on PC
Around 2 on console
Around 4-6 on mobile
216 hours on steam, and an estimated 250~ish on Xbox 360.

Started playing Terraria near release on Xbox 360.

With 466 hours on the game, I can still safely say I'm garbage.
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