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Pots Shouldn't Drop Stars


Duke Fishron
I always found it weird that pots drop things like hearts and stars. It never made much sense. But considering how helpful the hearts can be if you're adventuring and low on health, I'm not really complaining about that. The stars, however...

Consider this: usually when you're exploring, you have your main weapon selected, in case you need it (it's easier to switch to a pickaxe to mine something than it is to switch to a weapon and defend yourself). So when you're clearing out things like vines, tall grass, and, yes, pots, you're usually inclined to use your main weapon to do it. What if you're playing as a mage? You're more than likely going to be breaking things with your magic weapons. Maybe break a few things, take half a second to recharge mana, and continue. Well, pots will detect that you're not at full mana and start dropping stars, ridding you of whatever loot you would've gotten if you hadn't used a magic weapon. Wouldn't you rather get some coins than a star you barely needed? So would I.

So my solution: pots just don't drop stars. Simple as that.

"But what if you actually do need those stars?"
Think about it: pots never really provide a source of stars both a) where they're needed and b) where there isn't already a good source of them. If you're exploring you can literally just stand still for like 5 seconds and you're good, and if you're in combat, the enemies themselves drop stars much more reliably than pots do. In places where stars aren't abundant (boss fights, etc), you're usually not finding any new pots to begin with.

But that's just my take on it. If anyone can think if a valid argument of why pots dropping stars is more beneficial than the alternative, please tell me. I'd love to know. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a basically useless feature.
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