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tAPI Projectile AI Styles


Skeletron Prime
If you decompile terrarias code you can find all of this information in the projectile.cs file. No need to test everything...
A few corrections:
4 - Vilethorn
6 - Purification Powder
8 - Ball of Fire
9 - Magic Missile
11 - Shadow Orb
12 - Water Stream
13 - Harpoon
17 - Tombstone
19 - Spear
20 - Chainsaw/Drill
21 - Ice Block

Should I go on?

Also it only goes until 73...

Sin Costan

Eye of Cthulhu
Oh cool, thank you. How would I decompile Terraria?

Edit: I found out how to.
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AIStyle 27 is for Demon Trident too, it is just that it is mostly regarded as the aiStyle for sword beams.
Ok, thanks!

EDIT: Well, I'm using my style projectile AI: 0 and looks good ... But when AI Style 27 is used, the projectile is fired from the back of the player and it looks weird. Why is that? I can change the position of a projectile before shooting?

Sorry for my bad english.

EDIT2: Sir. @Sin Costan Please help me with this problem, when you have free time of course. :happy:
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Sin Costan

Eye of Cthulhu
Does anyone know the Ai For the nebula Blaze projectile?
Well, this is probably not the best place since this is for an old tAPI. Also you can find the AI for that from decompiling, there should be something about decompiling Terraria somewhere, just make sure you don't redistribute the source code.
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